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I can finally post Luke’s mix, now that I have sent it to him digitally. He will get the actual mix in the mail soon, so web 2.0.

I think the title expresses 2008 perfectly.

Weltschmerz: Goodbye 2008

21 songs, 1:18:45 total time

1. Afraid – Crisis
2. Moscow Madness (No Gods pt. 2) – Amebix
3. Swamp – Bad News Bats
4. Converging in the Quiet – Crystal Stilts
5. Nation – Death In June
6. Porry – Sorry Bamba
7. Lunch Hour Pops – Broadcast
8. Ram On – Paul McCartney
9. Sexueller Notstand – Östro 430
10. Therese – The Bodines
11. I Feel It All (Britt Daniel Remix) – Feist
12. Wutendes Glas – Grauzone
13. Planet Strike – Chrome
14. Darkness Before Dawn – Killing Joke
15. Mothers’s Little Helper – Polyphonic Size
16. Still – Cravats
17. Happy Head – The Mighty Lemon Drops
18. Star Fish – Bikini Kill
19. Piano Tuner (Keep Strumming Those Guitars) – Wire
20. Bhanghall – DJ Rekha
21. Wunderbar – Christiane F.

Bikini Kill was a last minute addition. Maybe I will dissect the mix later. It’s a good mix of genres, and I can’t stop listening to it. It has some songs I’ve been obsessed with, but haven’t been able to post about. Especially #6 “Porry” & last track “Wunderbar” by the infamous junkie prostitute (who has relapsed as of 2008, btw) Christiane F.

Oh yeah, artwork from The Mob’s 1980 Witch Hunt7″ single. Make sure you sort by track number & have crossfading on!

ETA 2014: Zip file removed. Stream via Soundcloud below:

12 Responsesto “Weltschmerz”

  1. anna Says:

    Thanks! I have been listening to this all day at work

  2. philly-bee Says:

    NICE!!! I cant wait to download this!

    thanks so mush..

  3. Ethan Says:

    I liked this straight away, but it’s gotten better and better each time I’ve listened.


  4. Elizabeth Says:

    Yes!! Porry is awesome! I’ve officially subscribed to your feed. Woo!

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  6. ikeaclasm Says:

    So….Death In June? Really?

    White Power/1488. Spare me the weasely justifications.

  7. Sybil Says:

    oh right because this came from the AFRO PUNK FORUMS. i’m leaving your comment up as a display of your ignorance.

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