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I am somewhat obsessed with this song, less than I am currently obsessed with Tanlines but more on that later. You see, Italian singer Dalida is was like the Diana Ross (Cher?) of France, in my head anyway. I always tend to adore the gay icons (Streisand, Ross, Grace Jones, et al.) so I will try to keep this post minimal lest I bomb it with videos of the diva that is Dalida. Uhh, I hate the word Diva, I really do but to watch Dalida perform is somewhat entrancing. Too bad she killed herself in 1987 via barbiturates leaving a note that read “Life has become unbearable… Forgive me” which I have always been taken by (three of her lovers had committed suicide before her). Some people may know the Cairo born singer from her duet with Alain Delon for their French cover of “Parole Parole.”

Watch it in HQ and note how she is NOT lip syncing.

ETA 11/2013: Full clip here.

Though this is not the Dalida I grew up with, this synth-tinged single is pretty rad, being less annoying than her disco hits and barring the emotional intensity of songs prior. Le Petit Antoine is featured on the track talking about how much he adores the much older singer, over I guess you could say the internet circa 1982. Anyway, this is just an excuse for me to post Dalida videos while being completely awe stricken by the late chanteuse, as I am sure no one else cares. I must quit while I am ahead or else I may spend too much time watching more of her videos instead of finally watching Something Wild or putting my laundry away which I am currently sitting on.

More Dalida & Antoine with the ridiculous headset:

Look at Dalida move!

I wonder who currently has hold of her wardrobe, if at all. It may be time to give a name to the gay man that is inside of me. (Edit 10/2015: his name is Maurice).

5 Responsesto “Confidences sur la Fréquence”

  1. ETHAN Says:

    That suicide note.. Dalida was such a romantic.

  2. Sybil Says:

    I LOVE her so so much, that video with them on the piano is so ridiculous. I am half laughing and half O_O, EVERY time.

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