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Many of my friends only know the English version of Peter Schilling’s “Major Tom (Völlig losgelöst).” I never even heard said version which was an international hit until far after I had fallen in love with the original version in Deutsch. The English version just sounds so off, but I guess for some kids they grew up on it.

Back when myspace was still relevant in the world of social networking, I made a music profile for the song since the only other profiles up had the English version (my first exposure to it) to put it on my profile (yes, yes I did). I recall some woman sending me messages being excited at the potential of the profile really being Peter Schilling. I am kind of shocked that people don’t know that it’s a retelling of “Space Oddity,” which makes me feel like some nerd when they don’t believe me. In any case, it was also included in my Contempt mix and originally put on a mix for me by Luke, many moons ago.

More regular posting again soon, maybe. Or just an indefinite hiatus, life has been too busy (shocking for being unemployed right?) Contrary to popular assumption, I don’t sit on my ass all day. But I do want to post about the Throbbing Gristle show and my current obsession with German Darkwave (X-mal Deutschland!). For now you can follow the Farced twitter.

Enjoy the track, it’s the only one on hypem that is the German version. I try to avoid posting tracks that have been posted to The Hype Machine before (unless they are no longer available for download).

Happy Cinco de Mayo!