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I have wanted to post “Wunderbar,” the fantastic 1982 track by Christiane F. forever. Yes, the same Christiane F. famous for having been a 14 year old Berlin prostitute junkie in the late 1970’s. Most famous for the Bowie-soundtracked 1981 film based off the book portraying her story, Christiane F. – Wir Kinder vom Bahnhof Zoo. Finally posting the Weltschmerz mix, I started a draft four months ago, which obviously hasn’t been touched until now. After Elizabeth scolded me for putting a 96kbps rip of the track on the mix, I looked even harder and finally found a 196kbps which I have to say sounds mediocre in comparison to the lower quality rip. There is also no Christiane breathing at the beginning of this “higher quality” rip, like on the one found in the mix. Barely over nine minutes long, “Wunderbar” never tires, keeping those feet moving. Give it a listen, I promise it’s worth it. Check the English parts of the lyrics:

I rip my mini skirt
I find that wonderful
then I kissed my idol
and find that wonderful…

I take your car
and drive very fast
to the nightclub
I am addicted to the feel of your sterring wheel
and i find that wonderfull
for you I rip myself
for you I forget myself
I´m so addicted…

In any case, Gesundheit! is a very hard to find record, vinyl nerd boner if you will. The only copy that has been on the internet for the past six months goes for 45 Euros, equating to $62 USD. I read somewhere that Alexander Hacke from Einstürzende Neubauten produced this record though I do not know the validity of these claims. I do know that they apparently dated back then and she reportedly fell back into Heroin addiction last summer according to German news. If you’ve never seen the film, I suggest you rent it, barring you don’t have a weak stomach.

ETA: I’ve added the Neubauten produced version of Wunderbar here.

3 Responsesto “For you I rip myself”

  1. Alex in NYC Says:

    It’s not the same “Wunderbar” as done by Tenpole Tudor, is it?

  2. Farced » Addicted Says:

    […] Einstürzende Neubauten potentially producing “Wunderbar” by Christiane F. in the last post. In actuality “Wunderbar” was recorded for Posh Boy records here in the states, with […]

  3. Sybil Says:

    Alex, no way! I trust you would’ve listened to the song…

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