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I just watched my bootleg DVD copy of Ladies and Gentlemen, the Fabulous Stains that Luke had sent me from Australia several years ago, before it was finally released on home video. I was not planning to purchase the copy which was finally released last September by Rhino Home Video, but my bootleg started glitching up just now.

What can I say other than, this movie never gets old. Even the recorded much later, new-wave sellout, tacked on ending to the ending gets to me after 40 seconds. Diane Lane is remarkably older looking, while Laura Dern (or is it the other one?) is noticeably taller.

I’ve included “Waste of Time” with this entry, as it seems other bloggers have exhausted the “Professionals” track.

You can watch the behind the scenes documentary on the making of the movie below:

A Mother’s Day hospital visit has rendered me a prisoner in my home with way too much time again, for the week. Will try to start blogging regularly again, though I don’t quite have the gumption I had for blogging all winter anymore.

2 Responsesto “Waste of time”

  1. toni Says:

    thanks for uploading this.

  2. Sybil Says:

    no problem!

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