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Hello friends and readers!

Brent finally got his mixtape, five days after I sent it. It’s gotten quite the amount of play over on soundcloud & great feedback from friends and strangers alike. Now I can post the artwork and tracklist for those wondering ears:

Side A:

Death in June – Foretold
Opera Multi Steel – Jardin Botanique
Neud Photo – Comrades of Time
P1E – 49 Second Romance
Klinik – Memories
Severed Heads – Legion
Scorpion Violente – Viol et Revanche
November Group – Night Architecture
Nightmoves – Transdance
Asmodi Bizarr – Dorian
Marilyn and the Moviestars – So Disgraceful
Teai Benet – 2:00 Love

Side B:
Robert Turman – Lotek
Victrola – The Mutant Glow
Led Er Est – Madi La Lune
Moev – Rotting Geraniums
Orbidoig – Nocturnal Operations
Lifetones – Good Side
Klinik – Melting Close
Ryuichi Sakamoto – The Garden of Poppies
Skinny Puppy – Solvent
Strange Devotion – Danger Line

Gratuitous Klinik because this tape was made for (up until earlier this year) the only person I knew as obsessed with Klinik as I. If you have heard me DJ a lot (AKA if you run in the same circle as me or are a friend) you’ve probably heard me play a lot of these songs. This was meant to be a taste of what a DJ set would be like for Brent, who is on the other side of the country & never gets to see me DJ. As mentioned in the last post this was the first live-mixed mixtape I’ve done with quite a few more to come! And as also mentioned in that post, I plan to live mix every single Farced mix from the past five years! I did say I’d start off with the Ohne Titel mix but after recently revisiting the Paramnesia Mix from 9/26/07, I’ve decided to start with that. Right click to download and save the mp3 of Melting Close.

Melting Close Mixtape by Sybil Jason

You can download more mixes here.

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