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Hi dear FARCED blog fans & readers, are you still there?!

2016 came and went and FARCED turned TEN last fall. Here are some select podcasts, radio shows and mixes I’ve made from 2016 until now (May 2017):

In January of this year I filled in for DEBONAIR on NTS London:

You can find the tracklist here.

In late February I did a guest podcast for Montreal’s Boccara. Lots of layers in this mix, you’ll catch them with good headphones:

Tracklist coming soon. 

I started a show on Dublab BCN, under FARCED of course. Here’s a very special show I did in December for my late father to hear/in his dedication. It’s about 85% Haitian music spanning genres & decades. Haitian Music starts around 15 minutes (but the lead up is great).

Tracklist can be found here.

I thoroughly enjoyed doing this podcast for Bergsonist’s BIZAARBAZAAR platform. I got to release a lot with this mix and it’s one of my faves! Starts out heavy but ends on a sunny note.

Tracklist could be found here on BIZAARBAZAAR’s site.

Never got around to updating for this very special female driven mix I made as part of the BEAVER II exhibition in Spring of 2016. Features female musicians who have inspired me. Named after Cosey Fanni Tutti’s Time To Tell track from one of her live performances which is included/immeshed on the mix. Tracklist can be found here.

There will be more mixes to come soon & more news! Soon I’ll do a rundown of top FARCED mixes from 2006-2016.

Thanks to everyone who has supported FARCED in any capacity since 2006, a whole decade and I can’t believe she’s been a radio show in two major European cities. FARCED has blessed my life in many ways I couldn’t even begin to explain. Eternal gratitude from your girl Sybil! xx

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