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Here’s a mix I recorded for the monthly Rituals party which has just recently moved to The Loft after the shit show at the old K&M. I will be DJing the show on Friday, April 22nd sharing the decks again with Frankie Teardrop (Systems of a Romance) & Glenn Maryansky (Tiers & Cult of Youth).

Scotty wrote an apt description for this mix:

RITUALS MIX022 arrives courtesy of Sybil Jason, who will be DJing for us later this month when Kontravoid and Rosa Apatrida descend upon you all.

You may be familiar with Sybil from her stints DJing at Wierd (VRIP) or her contributions to the Minimal Wave program on East Village Radio. Sybil also co-hosts the Pleasure Discipline party, which if you’ve attended should provide a glimpse into what you’re about to encounter.

What you’ll find here is a bizarre, schizophrenic potpourri of songs. Sybil treats the listener’s sensibilities like a mad puppeteer; leading you in one direction before jerking you in another altogether. It makes sense somehow, which may be the weirdest aspect of it all. Enjoy the beautiful whiplash.

The whiplash that is what it sounds like in my brain at all times, with clicks and glitches…. really just a typical Farced mix.


1. Killing Joke – Europe
2. Cinema – Cinema Star
3. Martial Canterel – Listener Dead
4. Skinny Puppy – Church
5. Throbbing Gristle – Dreammachine
6. Honey Bane – Boring Conversations
7. Wirtschaftswunder – Analphabet
8. Videoclips – Husky
9. Severed Heads – Casey’s Ion
10. Videosex – Ana
11. Near Paris – Visions
12. Aus Decline – She Gave Me Algedy
13. Experimental Products – The Addict
14. Nuit Des Stars – Plan Actuel
15. Pharmakon – Crawling on Bruised Knees
16. Faded Image – Insanity

Come out, should be a good show and enjoy this mix. I enjoyed recording it thousands of feet in the air en route to LAX.


Tonight at Wierd (Wednesday) I will be DJing along with Miz Margo & Frankie Teardrop while Rosenkopf play after midnight! Pretty excited for this show and stoked to finally see Rosenkopf live. Demo for “Burning Spirits” included with this entry. I hear they’re phenomenal live, wouldn’t expect anything less, especially with the Antisect reference in the artwork above. Come out if in NYC!

October 19th, 2011 10pm-4am
WIERD @ Home Sweet Home
131 Chrystie St. at Delancey
Info: (212) 226-5708

As an added bonus, I’ve included Di6’s REMASTERED version of “Carousel” as I will be playing this tonight. I have been waiting forever for a REMASTERED cut of this amazing song, as recently issued with the NADA! Plus reissue.

Just a quick update to let my readers know that I am DJing Wierd tonight, Wednesday, May 4th at Home Sweet Home for the special return of Wierd Records’ own Automelodi of Montreal.

10pm – 4am
WIERD @ Home Sweet Home
131 Chrystie St. @ Delancey, NYC
Info: (212) 226-5708

“Baundarie Jazz” as heard in the video above was included in the Doubt to Nothing mixtape from last summer.

Hope to see some familiar faces for some dancing and Automelodi’s set after midnight! Gonna work in some Chrome for Xavier. Come say hi if you’re in NYC!

Pretty excited to be spinning this show for my friends Further Reductions tonight at Zebulon. Show is completely free and it’s always good vibes all around at Zebulon. It’s also the Brooklyn Denim Company’s 1 year anniversary after party.

I previously posted their track “Decidedly So” from their 7″ which is currently out on Captured Tracks. It could be found in the EVR post from the 11.14.10 Minimal Wave show I covered with Jacob. I’m including with this post the cosmically delightful B side of that 7″ entitled “Not Unknown” for your listening pleasure, video below.

You can listen to their body moving newer stuff on their Soundcloud page here.

Hope to see some of you readers in NYC tonight!

Katie Rose & I DJ monthly at Daddy’s with our Pleasure Discipline night as mentioned in the last post. The next one is on Thursday, March 17th, St. Patrick’s Day evening. Be sure to come say hi then too!

Hey Farced readers, I’m spinning some records tomorrow, Wednesday, February 16th at Wierd with Sean Ragon of Cult of Youth and Frankie Teardrop for the US Debut of Mueran Humanos. I am very, very excited and honored to DJ this show, which also happens to be the record release show for their self titled LP released on Blind Prophet Records.

From the Blind Prophet release page:

Tomas and Carmen of Mueran Humanos embody the classic counterculture tradition of an “us against the world” couple driven to greatness through their love of each other and their passion for art. Think of them as a post-industrial Lux and Ivy, a garage rock Chris and Cosey, or even a psychedelic Johnny Cash and June Carter.  Mueran Humanos also perfectly embody a sonic balance between their native Buenos Ares and the city of Berlin where they now reside. The record is dripping with Argentinian swagger and sexiness but also manages to capture the futuristic spirit of Berlin’s krautrock, industrial, and electro heritage.  Ultimately what Mueran Humanos have done is create a record for everyone to enjoy. It touches upon moments of psychedelia, EBM, garage rock, industrial, kraut rock, post punk, post industrial, and minimal synth and it ties them all together in a well executed and well recorded package with strong male and female vocals sung purely in Spanish. The end result is a truly spectacular journey from the dimly lit streets of Buenos Ares to the crowded and sweaty nightclubs of Berlin. Don’t miss out on what is sure to be one of the most celebrated albums of 2011.

If you’re not in New York, you can check them out on the rest of their US Tour. I’ll update this post later with an MP3 of “Cosmeticos para Cristo

Thursday, I get to DJ with my favorite lady DJ and friend, Katie Rose of Further Reductions for our monthly Pleasure Discipline night at Daddy’s. Last month was a blast and I have a feeling that this month will surpass that. We don’t generally stick to any genre so you can expect to hear great music of all sorts! Be sure to ask the lovely and hilarious Don Stahl for the Pleasure Discipline cocktail, haw haw. If you are in New York City, come out to one of these, guaranteed good times!

Yes, my DJ name is Minimal Syb now. What started off as a joke one day last summer at Heaven Street Records/Fox and Fawn has begun to stick. Everyone seems to love it and yes, I laugh at myself every time I read/say it. Life is about not taking yourself seriously, folks!

Thought I’d make this short post to alert my readers that I’m spinning records tonight at Wierd at Home Sweet Home in Manhattan. I suck at updating my blog, especially when it comes to DJ gigs and even the last two East Village Radio shows I did (post to come for that soon).

I will be DJing with the lovely Frankie Teardrop & Jeralyn for the live debut of Anthem from Frank (Just Frank) at midnight. Come dance all that snow off your feet, it’s gonna be a fun night.

Veryrarealyn, Minimal Syb, and Frankie Teardrop Spin the WIERD!
Wednesday January 12th, 10pm-4am
(Live Performance by Anthem of Frank(just Frank) at Midnite!)
WIERD @ Home Sweet Home
131 Chrystie St. at Delancey
Info: (212) 226-5708

Watched Nite Jewel perform quite a few times in the past two weeks, thanks to my friend Catherine. Ramona and company did a stellar job, especially during their Death By Audio set on Valentine’s Day. What blew me away, once more, was her impassioned cover of Suicide‘s “Shadazz,” finding myself transfixed, with eyes closed in reverie.

This surreal cover is EXCELLENT live, perhaps transcending the original fast-paced ditty from Suicide’s self-titled second album.

I went through some trouble to cut this mp3 from one of the live performances, as this is not officially recorded (Nite Jewel I love you, the world needs this).  I’ve also included the original version of Shadazz from 1980.