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is how I feel of late. How contradictory that sounds. All the creative energy I had been around for so long and had been feeding off of is taking its toll on me.

I have a bunch of photo projects brewing in my head to the point of driving me mad because I cannot do them NOW.

Also, the music project that I was supposed to start say a year ago. I think the fact that a very close friend of mine wants me to sing on a few of his tracks that he’s been working on, makes it worse.

{insert random typed characters in frustration here}

Maybe I am just bored with everything, surprise surprise. I feel cliche and like a broken record when I say that the amount of spontaneity in my life is lacking. Right down to my scalp, back to the frizz I shall go! This would be the perfect time for me to do some travelling, to work on said projects. Perhaps a change of scenery would help.

I think my overall dissatisfaction is played in part by an inability to focus on more important things that are beyond my control.

It seems the prevailing theme of my life is restlessness. A few weeks ago, my mother told me of a friend of my grandmother’s that pointed out my walking up and down of my grandmother’s house at the age of two. I believe she nicknamed me Miss Restless, in French. I find this to be a hilarious self-fulfilling prophecy.

The recent course of ridiculous events in my life have left me thoroughly inculcated as to how the hell they happened in the first place.

I think going to a shooting range would make me feel better.


Perhaps much better. But in my head, I imagine it being outdoors, in an open field. How fun does that sound? I grin just thinking about it.