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visiting this blog sitting at my friend’s apartment, 10am on an icy St. Patty’s day, I really miss even remotely putting effort into this.

I haven’t had innarnets, really at home and my computer is slowly trickling to death. I want to post a new podcast/mix and probably will do so tonight. Listening to my podcast on site is making me really want to make a new one. I have gotten so much praise for the last, thanks dudes. I just have to go home, put the files on a cd, get back here and go from there.
I will also finally update wordpress (!) and various other nonsense. I will take to updating this as much as I can, if my sanity permits.  I should probably start updating my fashion blog since I keep getting emails from people wanting to interview me (???) and quoting my fashion predictory.

I want to put some kind of tagging system, gotta look into that.