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There was a period of time where all I did was listen to Dead Can Dance, so much that it dominated my last.fm. However I never get tired of their first, self titled album released in 1984. Namely track 7, Treshold. It’s one of my absolute favorite songs, ever. I just recently finally found this release on vinyl in October here in Williamsburg. I got really lucky considering this release is very hard to find.

I never get tired of “Guilty Cubicles,” in fact at times I play it on repeat.

Born Ashley Youmans, Dupre grew up in Seaside Heights and Wall Township by the Jersey Shore. She also mentioned being abused while growing up, saying it forced her to run away – a claim one family friend called ridiculous. “She crashed up [her stepdad’s] Porsche and wanted another one, and he wouldn’t give it to her, so she left,” said the friend, who asked her name not be printed.

according to the NY Post. Quite the contrary to her tale of leaving a broken home & abuse as quoted on her myspace page. Homegirl knew what she was doing and she’s earned quite some pretty pennies for doing so.

I can’t say that I am not intrigued by this whole scandal and this girl but she’s apparently the new Paris Hilton. According to several blogs & “journalists” (a.k.a CNN) she linked that Amie Street music page amidst the first breakout of media attention towards her. Since the NY Times linked her myspace profile, her AmieStreet profile containing her single “Move Ya Body” set a record for how fast it reached the top price on the music-download site, reaching the site’s maximum of 98 cents per download in a matter of 5 hours. In addition to making hundreds of thousands of dollars from downloads of those tracks, thanks to the Amie Street business model, which nets artists 70% of their online proceeds. I did feel bad upon seeing several New York City news still oustside her Flat Iron apartment two days in, but I can’t say I do now. She wanted the attention and now she got it. Everyone is coming out of the woodwork supporting her and giving accounts about Kristen or Ashley. That including these tools on the Today show. I also love how awfulplasticsurgery is claiming that she got her nose & boobs done.

It never ends.

“I just don’t want to be thought of as a monster.” Oh why? Because you had the oldest profession in the world? Oh please, I smell a fish and perhaps a book deal & Barbara Walters special. The latter of which of course, I wouldn’t want to miss.

I seldom feel the need to write about fashion on this dear blog, but John Galliano just made me melt into a puddle of chocolate in my blanket. I’ve seen write ups the past few months with pieces from the Christian Dior Spring 2008 Ready to Wear collection, but I just caught a glimpse on “NYCTV.”

The dresses, makeup, hair, shoes, even the bags which I am not too keen on usually with Dior. He really scored with making something commemorating Dior’s 60th Anniversary.

See the collection here.

It’s really something to see in moving picture, the pictures don’t do the collection justice!

Just received my new (gold) Olympus Stylus Epic in the mail (really, picked it up from USPS) today via eBay. I’ve learned that you can still buy them brand new at B&H!

I really wanted the lovely black one (sans data back), I shall invest in a new one in the near future before it disappears. Naturally it doesn’t compare to my T3’s lens, but it’s pretty damn close. Same shutter speed and the pictures I’ve seen on flickr taken with this truly are, epic. I can’t wait to fire a roll through this baby tomorrow.

I am really excited however, for the lack of magenta hues on flash images like with my T3. It’s so light and compact that I’ll really always have it handy. Now if I could get around to developing those ten rolls of film.


from last year [2007]:

01. Chrome – Electric Chair
02. Kudu – Playing House
03. Six Finger Satellite – Coke & Mirrors
04. Crystal Castles – Air War
05. Merry Little Fancy Thing – Born Ruffians
06. Honey Bane – Turn Me On Turn Me Off
07. ESG – Chistelle
08. Hüsker Dü – From the Gut
09. Blackmoon – Buck ‘Em Down (Vinyl Rmx)
10. Folk Implosion – Jenny’s Theme
11. The Pop Group – We Are Time
12. Mission of Burma – Red
13. Nicolay – Let It Shine For Me
14. Campag Velocet – Vindictive Disco
15. Dog Faced Hermans – Cactus
16. I Am Spoonbender – Stopwatch Static
17. Liars – Don’t Techno For An Answer
18. Omega Tribe – Freedom Peace and Unity
19. Effi Briest – Phoenix
20. Roxy Music – Virginia Plain
21. The Gymslips – Evil Eye

Zip file contains xml playlist file, otherwise tracks are numbered for easy uploading to your music player of choice.

zip file removed. MP3 mix coming soon.