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I’ve been obsessively listening to Grauzone‘s Raum today. It was stuck in my head last night, and unfortunately I couldn’t play it at home.

Every once in a while, I find the coveted “If They Treat You Like Shit… Act Like Manure” LP by Alternative on eBay. However it’s always upwards of $80 or more that the auction gets up to. I got an alert from ebay notifying me that one had been put up on eBay UK. I totally forgot about it and saw that the auction ended at $53.23 USD, which isn’t so bad, if you forget the $18 shipping costs to the US.

However, the book that Iain Influx of Alternative sent me didn’t come with the DVD that it was supposed to. It arrives today via netflix. Naturally the netflix subscribers gave it horrible reviews, saying it was the worst documentary they’ve ever viewed. I mean come on, what do you expect from a book supplemental DVD? Iain sending me that book and Anthrax thanking me on their latest release really sent me over the edge last year. Just small little winnings at life.

I am psyched to learn that there was a TV Party DVD released.

From 1978 to 1982, Glenn O’Brien hosted a New York city public access cable TV show called TV Party. Co-hosted by Chris Stein, from Blondie, and directed by filmmaker Amos Poe, the hour long show took television where it had never gone before: to the edge of civility and “sub-realism” as Glenn would put it. Walter Steding and his TV Party “Orchestra” provided a musical accompaniment to the madness at hand, and many artists and musicians, from The Clash, Nile Rodgers, Jean-Michel Basquiat, David Bryne and Arto Lindsey were regular guests. It was the cocktail party that could be a political party.

With 80 hours of disintegrating 3/4 inch videotape as a starting point, we tracked down the trend setting participants still living today and found out what they remember of the period and how the show influenced their lives. This, combined with clips from the orginal show, became the documentary “TV Party.

I would like to think that Black Flag got the name for the single/EP of the same name from this show, especially since it was later picked up in Los Angeles.

Read Glenn O’Brien’s blog here.

TV Party on youTube.

I’ve been delaying writing about Mike Brodie forever, like I ever update this thing regurlarly (at least I am trying). Apparently some kids I know are friends with him, which doesn’t surprise me but I’d love to meet him.

Old interview at Fecal Face with more photos from when he was mostly shooting on the Polaroid SX-70 sonar. I’m digging the stuff he’s shooting via SLR. What a fox, this kid. I love how social bookmarking sites that link the “American Vagabond” set of photos, have hundreds of humdrum entrenched comments regarding the whole squatting bit. I also love how suburban kids are replicating those very same photos, cute. I wish someone would could photograph squatters in Brooklyn.

Mike Brodie Wikipedia entry

Online Gallery Review: Ridin’ Dirty Face

I’m listening to ESG (“Erase You”) on repeat while writing this entry. They’re included in the March 17th Mix I posted from last year.

“The story of ESG is one that gives them a place in three different musical histories — house music, hip hop, and punk. A unique position that few other bands can claim. ESG’s sparse minimal bass and drum sound made them one of the most sampled artists around (in 1993 they wrote a track ‘Sample Credits Don’t Pay Our Bills’). ESG were immersed in both the New York dance club scene and in the meeting of punk and dance culture. They played all the New York dance clubs like the Paradise Garage, Xenon, and Danceteria, as well as playing with many punk groups (they once played with the Clash and Grandmaster Flash on the same bill).” –Factory Records archive

I love how their song UFO was basically wholly sampled by the Liars & for a Memphis Bleek track. Another great act released on Soul Jazz Records.

Video shot on Super 8 film for the song by Flaming Tunes (ex This Heat Gareth Williams’ later project with Mary Currie) called “Breakst Stroke,” on the After The Heat bootleg CD.

This Heat discography here and here.