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The Indian Thriller but with SUBTITLES!

This crazy indian video is even better because the subtitles even make sense! It almost makes me think that maybe they ARE speaking in English.

“I like to Swim in his, I like to swim in his (BEEEEJAY)”

Here are some of the photos I found at Junk, as previously mentioned.

I got this one because the guy in the blue shirt looks like my friend Don.

date on back: Oct. 1999

on back: Freddie (Sgt.)

I wonder if this was in the Mid-West or maybe Europe somewhere?

I almost thought the darker guy was Ghandi, while quickly looking through the pile.

Found photos always leave you wondering, “where was this?” “Why is this person there?” “Why that expression?” “What was their day like?”

One of my new favorite pastimes is going to Junk and browsing through their “found photos.” A real sneeze producer with all the dust, it’s actually kind of awesome and makes me feel like I’m discovering my love for photographs all over again! I even found a picture slide for the film “I Am Sam,” amongst other family style black and white photos, test shots, and other randomness.

Too bad a lot of their furniture are overpriced (especially for the ones that need repairing!).