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I used to love Joan Rivers as a kid, though I mostly remember making fun of her raspy voice.

I do not even have to write about the amazingness (I am aware that it is not a word) that is Grace Jones, she comes in second to IMAN for awe inspiration.

grace & joan

One more reason to love last.fm. They have revamped  the site with new software and now they finally have user radios that actually play music that user has listened to. Before it would play similar artists/songs to what had been scrobbled (remember when it was called AudioScrobbler?) from your music player.

Pretty sweet, was listening to Peter Schilling’s Völlig Losgelöst and now Chrome’s Meet You in the Subway.

Sweet deal!

Check it out here.

Looking at my overall top artist history from the past four years vs the past six months, obvs Crass has remained a constant. Even though I listen to other related anarcho & crust related bands more.

I am totally going to be listening to my friend Lukes library (as I just started to a second ago) since we have very, very similar tastes and have turned each other on to some stellar music over the years.

Also, now I can listen to tracks that are stuck on an external HD in Jersey that I do not have on this machine. The only bad thing is that, obviously it is randomized. Where was this when I was working that last shitty job?! With all the free time I have had lately, you would think I would be “blogging.”  I have been “liveblogging” more or less over at tumblr. I am going to attempt to start updating this shizz, as if anyone reads (surprisingly I DO have subscribers to my feed).

I want to update this theme and maybe the site? Maybe actually do what I was originally supposed to do with the srsly.tv url. Stay tuned…