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A camera I often forget about and quite frankly don’t use enough. Konica’s Autoreflex T3 with legendarily sharp glass Hexanon lens which have produced some of my favorite pictures. I think it’s time to start a portrait series of friends with this monster.


JPG story including this under-appreciated camera.


I’ve missed the Yashica T3, the T4’s clunkier, faster predecessor, so I won another one on ebay. This time around actually paying less than I did initially.

I got rid of it after purchasing the Epic, subsequently amassing 25+ undeveloped rolls of film which are now scattered in moving boxes. However, after looking back at my flickr and seeing some photos I took with the T3, I decided to go running back into the arms of Carl Zeiss.

My favorite picture taken with the Yashica T3:

Photos taken with the Yashica T3.


Glad I finally figured THAT one out. Mind you that picture was taken in early August on a VERY hot day.

This one is just creepy:

Eric Doeringer

A box of books labeled “Free Books” is deposited at various 14th Street locations. A seeming act of generosity, the artist has removed the last few pages from each book. The alteration will only become apparent to the reader after he or she has nearly finished the book, converting the cast-off into a statement of art.

No words for that one.

via Art in Odd Places. Don’t be fooled!

It seems like everything that I’ve loved about New York City since childhood and what it stood for is slowly becoming dematerialized.

A little late, but it really bummed me the fuck out, especially the comments.

In a lot of ways, I don’t recognize New York City anymore, especially below 14th street. Don’t even get me started on Williamsburg… which will ultimately lead to my “Beating A Dead Horse” list.

More from Vanishing New York, an excellent virtual obituary to an ever vanquishing New York.

Photo via Flaming Pablum.

This song is constantly in my head, having been on constant rotation since I made this post. Actually, not true I’ve been listening to it since uploading the legendary C81 onto my iPod three weeks ago. That post just made it worse. Lora Logic was the original saxophonist in X-Ray Spex, going on to form Essential Logic. They released Beat Rhythm News – Waddle Ya Pay? on Rough Trade in 1979. I am also obsessively listening to Death in June.


I’ve been reading a lot of blogs pertaining to the demolishing of the downtown NYC many of us know and love.

One of note that I came across today is East of Bowery featuring the work of writer Drew Hubner. It details Hubner’s days during the 1980’s in the East Village alongside Ted Barron’s photography from that era & some mp3s. Barron remarks “Drew is posting stories of his misspent early days in New York City. I didn’t know him then, but it seems we were in the same place at the same time. Life is sweet.”

I am always fascinated by people’s own accounts of their past heroin addictions, especially when they are published writers.

See Ted Barron’s other blog here with photos and updates.

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“Shot around the streets of Chinatown, Soho and Tribeca in 1982, “Ear to The Ground” is a film by “performance art percussionist” David Van Tieghem wherein he coaxes music from the very streets.”

via Flaming Pablum