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I seldom log into myspace anymore, or even look at anyone’s page for that matter. I was looking at my longest friend Sarah’s page, and found this photo in one of her albums. Wow! She is one day older than me, we used to pull this trick on people that we were twins. “I was born in the P.M. and she was born in the A.M.” We look nothing alike, but somehow pulled it off. Ha.

Funny, for the first several years of my life I HATED cake. Up until the age of five, there are photos of me sulking next to the cake that my Grandma would bake for me. Now I would kill for cake, especially made by her. Next year I will get a cake, even if I have to buy it myself. This cake has my name written on it. I just find it hilarious that I hated it so much and now I crave cake. I also hated candy, I was a weird child, I don’t know how anyone is that surprised. I am getting hungry looking at this photo.  I WANT THAT DAMN CAKE! I was going to upload a track from Crash Course in Science‘s very rare Cakes in the Home EP but I am too cranky about cake.

EDIT: Jessica in regard to this post said to me “If you had a thought bubble, it would be cake.” There are no words for how much I love this lady. Only facial expressions and hand gestures.

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