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For about 30 minutes this morning:

I thought my computer had some kind of trojan or something BUT I HAVE A MAC. Nope, Google was just broken.

You couldn’t click through to anything.

I’ve been bed ridden for the past two days, (yes, sick again! it blows) but I will surely not miss Amebix play with Kylesa as openers later today. Though not touring as the remaining three (Stigs, Baron & Spider), Stone Sour/Sepultura drummer Roy Mayorga is touring in replacement of Spider. Kylesa puts on a great show, I saw them play with Battletorn in 2004 at Knitting Factory along with Baroness (whose drummer is EXCELLENT + boner inducing).

I think it’s hilarious that someone from last.fm posted this on the event page for the show: “apparently no gods no masters has one exception, to the one true master: TICKETMASTER!” Ha!

I’ve included my favorite track from my favorite Amebix release (aside from Who’s The Enemy EP). I have also included the 1979 formative demo track “University Challenged” which appeared on the first Bullshit Detector LP (anyone wanna sell me vol 3?). I totally forgot about this song as I haven’t uploaded any of the Bullshit Detector series to my iTunes yet. I don’t think many people have heard it as it hasn’t been included in anything Amebix has officially put out. Give me a holler if you want the demo.

I think it’s only right I play the whole discography and rage this fever out until tonight.

Download some live albums here.

Did you know that America’s favorite TV mom released a Josephine Baker concept album in 1978?  Yes, Phylicia Rashad, née Allen sang all of the lyrics on Josephine Superstar, a disco tribute album to the “Black Pearl.”

Here she is performing Baker’s biggest hit “Two Loves Have I (J’ai Deux Amours)”:

I like the disco version better than the original. Some day soon, I will be singing this song and laughing to myself. The album is A+ I must say, she’s got quite the voice. One of the many amazing things Phylicia has done in her lifetime.

Gawd, I love the internet!

Every five years or so the Mickey Mouse trend pops up:


Yes, I can possibly be more obnoxious this morning. Waiting for the cat ears trend that will never take flight.

Also can someone please tell me why I should give a shit about Lady Gaga?

At the beginning of this Rudimentary Peni song, aptly titled “Black President” it sounds like Nick Blinko is saying Obama, but in reality is actually screaming “peanut farmer” in his English accent. Just barely over a minute long, it was released on their 1981 self titled EP.

I am also including my favorite Rudimentary Peni song, “Only Human” due to the briliance and inanity of Blinko’s lyrics:

“Hey youuu! Yeah youuuuu!
You’re the only human everyone’s an alien
Save youuuuuuuu, save youuuuuuuuuu
We’re malevolent malignant tumours sucking on your body

Preying on your mind never mind, never mind
Preying on your mind never mind, never minnnnnnd!!!!
Dissecting your soul, spirit being or whatever
Put your brain [unintelligible]
We’ve your whole life videoed
Your womb, sub-life, childhood, adolescence, adulthood, old aggggggggge… “

It’s even better if you listen to the “Bile Ball” and “Farce” right after it on the Farce EP released on Crass Records.
A nice crusty kid from Finland sent me the text file of The Primal Screamer, Blinko’s fictionalized semi-autobiography which is now out of print and very hard to find. I will gladly pass this on to anyone who asks for it.

You can see some of Nick Blinko’s primarily macabre art here.

I am so excited about today, I didn’t think I would get so emotional. The end is in less than 7 hours!!!!!!!

I really don’t know how to put into words, how much I love Felt’s “Sunlight Bathed The Golden Glow.” It’s a real treasure, given the lyrics that describe oh so many people out there. It’s too bad that Voxtrot (whoever they are) already beat me to making a cover of this song, attempting to sound like Lawrence.

“Sunlight Bathed The Golden Glow is characteristic of Felt’s sound. It’s no surprise that it’s from 1984, but even so, it’s got a really distinctive sound: guitars as dry and clear as a bell, almost ascetic in method, but used in a robust pop form. Lawrence Hayward’s vocals are basically always described as “deadpan,” but that’s because it hits the nail on the head. You don’t get the feeling he spent too long working out his vocals, because he had such a naturally singular delivery… ”

via How Long It Takes

There are four versions of “Sunlight Bathed The Golden Glow” by Felt that I know of. Who really cares? Well I do, because each time I discover a new version, I am just a little bit blown away. For the first time today, I heard the demo version, which has some amazing, extended and familiar guitar string work toward the end of the song. With each version, comes a slight change in the lyrics. Somehow the chorus manages to stay the same:

You’re trying to fool somebody, but you end up fooling yourself
You’re reading from the Book of the Dead* but you don’t know what it’s about
I listened to you now maybe you’ll listen to me
You’re trying much too hard to make your world seem like a dream

*A reference to the “Book of the Dead” of ancient Egypt. In the Strange Idols Pattern and Other Short Stories version, he sings “You read from a season in hell”, a reference to french poet Arthur Rimbaud.

My favorite though, is the first version that I heard from the 12″ single with female leading vocals and faint violins. I have included this bass heavy version along with the demo. I don’t have any copies of this single and I missed an auction on the 12″ the other day which ended cheaply. I want to dissect all of the versions, right down to the lyrics and musical arrangements, but I will spare you. Just go listen to The Strange Idols Pattern and Other Short Stories on last.fm and thank me later. Lawrence went on to form the band Denim in the 90’s which I haven’t really heard much to say that I like.

P.S. The version uploaded on last.fm is not the same as the album version, it sounds very much like the demo version. There are probably 10 versions of this song and it’s starting to confuse me. All of The Splendour of Fear and Crumbling the Antiseptic Beauty (includes Birdmen, my fav) have also been uploaded onto last.fm.

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There has been so much traffic from Hypem in the past 12 hours that I am a little scared about my bandwidth usage. It’s cool though because people have been staying and reading past posts. Hypem is a great way to find new music, I really don’t use it enough. You can also sync your listening on your Hype Machine account to your last.fm account. So web 2.0!

It’s funny that there are iTunes & Amazon links to buy Vex, because I am 100% certain you can’t. That’s okay though, because I am joyous to share Vex with the world, even though I lost the auction for the album yesterday.

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