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I first learned of the brilliance of Laura Marling’s “Ghosts” through Elizabeth’s good, but melancholy mix. I am not ashamed to say it helped me grieve a little bit on Christmas and now I am singing along like my name is Laura Marling. The most amazing thing about Laura, is that she sounds wise beyond her years. Both through her lyrics and her voice, being only 18! The more I listen to the song, the more I fall in love with the lyrics. Turn The Page best sums them up:

“Her most recent single ‘Ghosts’ seems fitting with a new British folk movement, adding the melancholic degree that the euphoric Noah and the Whale don’t necessarily contain (I have, not however heard their entire back catalogue). Lacking from Laura Marling’s lyrics is cliche and forced happy ending, the story-driven ‘Ghosts’ features in the first verse “These are just girls that broke my heart before I met you” told by the male protagonist in this mini epic. “Lover please, do not, fall to your knees, its not like I, believe in everlasting love” leads the chorus, 20th century fairytale endings don’t exist anymore, and here comes a storyteller who can tell the tale more eloquently, more accurately, and most of all, more beautifully than any songwriter has been able to in a long time.”

The best part of the song to me, is the drumming at the end which reminds me of Haitian folk drumming (which is what prompted the crying). Her album Alas, I Cannot Swim is good, but I cannot listen to too much folk in whole, especially some of the slower paced songs. Instead I just bought the sold out Ghosts 7″ single via eBay UK. I think Luke’s response to me sending him the song: “What is this folk dreck?” best sums it up. Or the time I watched Jeremy Yocum & the Last Rounders play at Soundfix and being the quintessential Cancer I started crying. Not to detract from the the beauty that is Jeremy’s music. There is no one else that I would want to sing me to sleep.

Watch the video for the single here.

Lyrics can be found here.

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