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I’ve been bed ridden for the past two days, (yes, sick again! it blows) but I will surely not miss Amebix play with Kylesa as openers later today. Though not touring as the remaining three (Stigs, Baron & Spider), Stone Sour/Sepultura drummer Roy Mayorga is touring in replacement of Spider. Kylesa puts on a great show, I saw them play with Battletorn in 2004 at Knitting Factory along with Baroness (whose drummer is EXCELLENT + boner inducing).

I think it’s hilarious that someone from last.fm posted this on the event page for the show: “apparently no gods no masters has one exception, to the one true master: TICKETMASTER!” Ha!

I’ve included my favorite track from my favorite Amebix release (aside from Who’s The Enemy EP). I have also included the 1979 formative demo track “University Challenged” which appeared on the first Bullshit Detector LP (anyone wanna sell me vol 3?). I totally forgot about this song as I haven’t uploaded any of the Bullshit Detector series to my iTunes yet. I don’t think many people have heard it as it hasn’t been included in anything Amebix has officially put out. Give me a holler if you want the demo.

I think it’s only right I play the whole discography and rage this fever out until tonight.

Download some live albums here.

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  1. Farced » Demystification Says:

    […] Amebix’s “University Challenged” is mildly fitting for this post, I posted it here. I am also including the track “Alienation” by Crisis (pre Death In June/Theatre of […]

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