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I will spare you the screenshot of my savings account that shows a negative balance! I think I should start a Sybil Film fund (or 5D fund), I have no monies to develop the ridiculous amount of rolls I have accumulated. I miss the gratification of seeing my finished photos. I wish a part time lab job was easy to come by in this kaka economy, I think I have better chances of finding a film lab boyfriend. Also I am in a bitchy mood today thanks to my crazy cat Shaolin (who I have nicknamed Grace Jones) prematurely waking me up. I will also spare you the entry which was going to be named “Bitchfest: February 2009 Edition.”

It’s a quarter to 10 AM and I think I need a drink already. I miss living two blocks from Clem’s right about now.

Happy Tuesday!

2 Responsesto “Livin’ La Vida BROKA”

  1. Sybil Says:

    I… I… I… have started almost every sentence in this entry with I

  2. Ethan Says:

    Brilliance Sybs! I can’t stop laughing!!!

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