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Bummed that the auction on the box of vintage Maxell Audio Tapes pictured above sold for $67 including shipping on eBay. I only buy Maxell CD-Rs for mix CDs, was planning to make some mix tapes for friends sent via snail mail. Coincidentally that same day Luke was looking on eBay for Maxell audio cassettes because I “harangued him” about making me a mixtape. Apparently Maxell can’t be bought in Australia, which I find weird. Looks like modern day Maxell audio cassettes will have to do which will┬ábenefit the recipients, forcing me to be more creative with the covers.

Why do I exclusively use Maxell? See below:

“Well, that ad was originally made in England in 1982, and I was the character in the ad. That won all sorts of awards, blah, blah, blah. It was so successful, Maxell wanted to do it worldwide, but they wanted a “mid-Atlantic”-sort of person for it. Because I looked completely unusual [chuckles]. “

Oh yeah, I am looking for the original UK Maxell ads featuring Peter Murphy, holler at me if you can lead me to some! Unlike eye roll inducing Joy Division, I almost never hear Bauhaus playing whilst out.

2 Responsesto “Spoolz”

  1. Ethan Says:

    I will be awaiting my LONG overdue mixtape in the mail. =)

  2. farced » Post-concussion Mixtape Says:

    […] the tape is Maxell, not a coveted vintage one like in the link or the one Luke sent me a few months back (he made a […]

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