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Since I HATE UPS and they have made me a prisoner in my own home on this BEAUTIFUL, WARM day, I will finally post the photos of the little incident in January. Said incident added to the list of faux pas my local UPS office and/or driver have committed. Once I saw the LP box, I knew what had happened. The box was BENT, nevermind the HUGE RED “FRAGILE” sticker, no.

Boy was I SEETHING with anger. UPS could not provide apologies more copious than they did. To make matters worse, the girl at Insound sent me the wrong LP as a replacement. Today, I had no choice as my luggage shipping was free and only via the much loathed UPS. As I was typing this up, he came and actually did not leave my package in front of my apartment building to be stolen again! No broken luggage over here, phew.

Shopping for luggage has left me wanting to scream. Who knew it could be so difficult to shop for a durable piece of luggage? Not that I need to let the world know of my travel plans, especially since people I don’t want knowing squat about my going-ons check up on me here. But honestly, all I want is a spinner piece of luggage (with four “spinning wheels”) that won’t fall apart when I get it back from the baggage claim. I’m thankful for the internet in providing customer reviews to warn me of faulty pieces of luggage (even Samsonite produces crud, apparently), but christ this is annoying. Should I buy this 29″ purple stunner even though buyers warn of going over the new 50 pound limit with the valise that you have to PAY to check in DOMESTICALLY anyway? Fuck the world.

Track is from one of my favorite NDW albums from 1981. Die Partei was a project of Walter Dahn and Tom Dokoupil (most notably a member of Die Radierer). “Föhn In Den Bergen” is pretty fun, synthy magic that sounds like you are inside of a video game party a very trippy King Tut’s tomb. Naturally, the “psychedelic electronic wave pop” sounding La Freiheit Des Geistes isn’t cheap. Look for a rip of this album online, look hard. So worth it.

I’ve been quite obsessed with this under-appreciated Chameleons track “P.S. Goodbye” from What Does Anything Mean? Basically lately. You know when not listening to songs that are versed in Deutsch or other gothic jams. I never really considered The Chameleons as Gothic Rock per se, but I guess given the time period, some folks loop them in as such. My Chameleons loving friend and I walked into a “goth night” in Brooklyn, at nearly 3:30 A.M a few months back post-house party. Boy that set off us losing our minds, finding our new favorite night in Brooklyn. I believe we were on opposite ends of the bar whence Chameleons started playing, with me just leaving in the midst of a conversation to find her and dance. Turns out one of these purveyors of “dark” jams is as big a fan of them as we are. I won’t even get into the four person “Goth Off” that happened on facebook in the wake of this night amongst being half-jokingly obsessed with 80’s gothic rock culture. The point of this post was to stop myself from continuously posting more NDW songs. Come to think of it, I kind of want to finally post the goth videos that were included in said “Goth Off,” as they are are golden.

I actually toyed with the inclusion of this song a few weeks back for a “Goodbye Indefinitely” type of post. Recent emails from readers commending Farced have changed my wanting to stop updating for an immeasurable amount of time.

I mentioned Einstürzende Neubauten potentially producing “Wunderbar” by Christiane F. in the last post. In actuality “Wunderbar” was recorded for Posh Boy records here in the states, with Christiane apparently having no say in the outcome. Unhappy with the results after its release, she re-recorded it under the moniker Christiana with Neubauten’s F. M. Einheit and Alexander von Borsig (Alexander Hacke) as producers. This version named “Süchtig” released on the Final Church 12″ is noticably more Industrial and NDW sounding, with the B side having the dub version of “Süchtig” named “Health Dub.” Final Church is obviously another very hard to find and rare release, meriting the sale price of 50 Euros ($68 USD) as listed on Discogs.

Both versions of “Wunderbar” were released in 2003, subsequent to the success of the US version at the Robert Johnson Club in Offenbach. Personally, I still like “Wunderbar” better.

I have wanted to post “Wunderbar,” the fantastic 1982 track by Christiane F. forever. Yes, the same Christiane F. famous for having been a 14 year old Berlin prostitute junkie in the late 1970’s. Most famous for the Bowie-soundtracked 1981 film based off the book portraying her story, Christiane F. – Wir Kinder vom Bahnhof Zoo. Finally posting the Weltschmerz mix, I started a draft four months ago, which obviously hasn’t been touched until now. After Elizabeth scolded me for putting a 96kbps rip of the track on the mix, I looked even harder and finally found a 196kbps which I have to say sounds mediocre in comparison to the lower quality rip. There is also no Christiane breathing at the beginning of this “higher quality” rip, like on the one found in the mix. Barely over nine minutes long, “Wunderbar” never tires, keeping those feet moving. Give it a listen, I promise it’s worth it. Check the English parts of the lyrics:

I rip my mini skirt
I find that wonderful
then I kissed my idol
and find that wonderful…

I take your car
and drive very fast
to the nightclub
I am addicted to the feel of your sterring wheel
and i find that wonderfull
for you I rip myself
for you I forget myself
I´m so addicted…

In any case, Gesundheit! is a very hard to find record, vinyl nerd boner if you will. The only copy that has been on the internet for the past six months goes for 45 Euros, equating to $62 USD. I read somewhere that Alexander Hacke from Einstürzende Neubauten produced this record though I do not know the validity of these claims. I do know that they apparently dated back then and she reportedly fell back into Heroin addiction last summer according to German news. If you’ve never seen the film, I suggest you rent it, barring you don’t have a weak stomach.

ETA: I’ve added the Neubauten produced version of Wunderbar here.

I just watched my bootleg DVD copy of Ladies and Gentlemen, the Fabulous Stains that Luke had sent me from Australia several years ago, before it was finally released on home video. I was not planning to purchase the copy which was finally released last September by Rhino Home Video, but my bootleg started glitching up just now.

What can I say other than, this movie never gets old. Even the recorded much later, new-wave sellout, tacked on ending to the ending gets to me after 40 seconds. Diane Lane is remarkably older looking, while Laura Dern (or is it the other one?) is noticeably taller.

I’ve included “Waste of Time” with this entry, as it seems other bloggers have exhausted the “Professionals” track.

You can watch the behind the scenes documentary on the making of the movie below:

A Mother’s Day hospital visit has rendered me a prisoner in my home with way too much time again, for the week. Will try to start blogging regularly again, though I don’t quite have the gumption I had for blogging all winter anymore.

Many of my friends only know the English version of Peter Schilling’s “Major Tom (Völlig losgelöst).” I never even heard said version which was an international hit until far after I had fallen in love with the original version in Deutsch. The English version just sounds so off, but I guess for some kids they grew up on it.

Back when myspace was still relevant in the world of social networking, I made a music profile for the song since the only other profiles up had the English version (my first exposure to it) to put it on my profile (yes, yes I did). I recall some woman sending me messages being excited at the potential of the profile really being Peter Schilling. I am kind of shocked that people don’t know that it’s a retelling of “Space Oddity,” which makes me feel like some nerd when they don’t believe me. In any case, it was also included in my Contempt mix and originally put on a mix for me by Luke, many moons ago.

More regular posting again soon, maybe. Or just an indefinite hiatus, life has been too busy (shocking for being unemployed right?) Contrary to popular assumption, I don’t sit on my ass all day. But I do want to post about the Throbbing Gristle show and my current obsession with German Darkwave (X-mal Deutschland!). For now you can follow the Farced twitter.

Enjoy the track, it’s the only one on hypem that is the German version. I try to avoid posting tracks that have been posted to The Hype Machine before (unless they are no longer available for download).

Happy Cinco de Mayo!