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Shopping for luggage has left me wanting to scream. Who knew it could be so difficult to shop for a durable piece of luggage? Not that I need to let the world know of my travel plans, especially since people I don’t want knowing squat about my going-ons check up on me here. But honestly, all I want is a spinner piece of luggage (with four “spinning wheels”) that won’t fall apart when I get it back from the baggage claim. I’m thankful for the internet in providing customer reviews to warn me of faulty pieces of luggage (even Samsonite produces crud, apparently), but christ this is annoying. Should I buy this 29″ purple stunner even though buyers warn of going over the new 50 pound limit with the valise that you have to PAY to check in DOMESTICALLY anyway? Fuck the world.

Track is from one of my favorite NDW albums from 1981. Die Partei was a project of Walter Dahn and Tom Dokoupil (most notably a member of Die Radierer). “Föhn In Den Bergen” is pretty fun, synthy magic that sounds like you are inside of a video game party a very trippy King Tut’s tomb. Naturally, the “psychedelic electronic wave pop” sounding La Freiheit Des Geistes isn’t cheap. Look for a rip of this album online, look hard. So worth it.

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  1. Daily News About Life : A few links about Life - Wednesday, 20 May 2009 07:21 Says:

    […] Freedom of the spirit […]

  2. brent a.r.r. Says:

    When I traveled home to So.Cal. for the holidays I used a 1970’s day-glo orange suitcase which I had to keep held shut with a belt.

    Needless to say my bag was searched… I mean, with such a total piece of shit what else would be inside but a bomb?

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