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Since I HATE UPS and they have made me a prisoner in my own home on this BEAUTIFUL, WARM day, I will finally post the photos of the little incident in January. Said incident added to the list of faux pas my local UPS office and/or driver have committed. Once I saw the LP box, I knew what had happened. The box was BENT, nevermind the HUGE RED “FRAGILE” sticker, no.

Boy was I SEETHING with anger. UPS could not provide apologies more copious than they did. To make matters worse, the girl at Insound sent me the wrong LP as a replacement. Today, I had no choice as my luggage shipping was free and only via the much loathed UPS. As I was typing this up, he came and actually did not leave my package in front of my apartment building to be stolen again! No broken luggage over here, phew.

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  1. lo lo Says:

    you bought a record from my roommate jeremy! he runs woodsist :-)

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