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via one of my favorite blogs, Flaming Pablum.

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Or something like it. I’m watching Bergman’s Persona again but had to take a break once I realized I never uploaded anything in regard to the historic Throbbing Gristle show at Masonic Temple two months ago. I blame it on the abundance of goth haircuts.

check out Cosey’s hand post-autographing my copy of United/Zyclon B Zombie:

Just took this, poorly framed. Prized possession much? Never gonna let you go…

The show was of course amazing. I lost my shit during the second body-moving set… I couldn’t finish shooting the video due to moving every part of my body while banging on the stage floor. I have to say, I felt like the ultimate dork actually getting this autographed but I don’t regret it. Why should I?

Below are the purchased vinyl I have not had a chance to validate (save for TG) for over two months. I’m never home!

Hence why my floor looks so gnarly here. Apologies.

Speaking of prized possessions, remember the Vex album I nearly shat myself over? The ridiculously hard to find copy of Sanctuary is on it’s way from England the Czech Republic. Crossing my fingers that it doesn’t arrive broken. Crossing them hard, I almost cried when I saw the email notifying me that I had won. Not even having to pay 50 quid ($82) for it!  I keep scoring so hard on releases I have never been lucky enough to win. Two-thousand and mine! Considering this as an early Birthday present to myself.

Including Sex Gang Children’s “Dieche,” as pictured in the jumble of records above, while resisting posting the video of Andi Sexgang thrusting his hips during a performance of “Oh Funny Man.” I don’t need to become re-obsessed with that video again.

My friends live behind an abandoned building which apparently had the chest above full of lost photos from it’s previous inhabitants. I have no idea where I put the batch of photos I collected but it reminded me of the Eyeless in Gaza album I started listening to obsessively the day I unpreparedly left to Minneapolis. Thanks to Stevie, I have mp3s of almost all of the Eyeless in Gaza albums save for Pale Hands I Loved So Well. The evocative “Others” and idiosyncratic “Fixation” are from their first album, 1981’s Photographs as Memories, my favorite album thus far.

Found photos to come as soon as I find them, being something of an anonymous visual anectdote. My favorite is the recurring woman’s goth phase in the early ’90’s.

On repeat a lot lately is a track from the first solo [vinyl] release by Alexander Von Borsig (currently active as Alexander Hacke) of Einstürzende Neubauten fame. Relaxed but dancy “Japanisch” from his 1982 Hiroshima 12″ EP is totally not expectant of someone in Neubauten. Quite a treat and one of my new favorite tracks that will likely make way to the mixtape[s] I will be working on this week. I just added some rips of the sole release of his band Sentimentale Jugend (Sentimental Youth) with his infamous ex-girlfriend Christiane F. to my computer. Naturally their very industrial sounding cassette release Borsig Werke from 1981 is going for 100 Euros on discogs.  “Hiroshima” on Borsig’s release first appeared on said tape release in 1981, roughly two minutes shorter and much more “rough.”

All the rain = Mother Nature crying for Iran.

I just wanted to post this rather interesting picture.

Next mix cover, perhaps?

It’s no shit that I love Death in June. To some people that’s a real problem (first world one at that), for obvious controversial reasons. We won’t get into that. It’s late, I am tired and fading out. However, I can’t resist the urge to post the two tracks I have been listening to obsessively the past few days, aside from the rest of DIJ that I never tire of. Ethereal “Hail! The White Grain” being from 1987’s Brown Book and soul touching “Holy Water” as the B side from the 1982 State Laughter single. My favorite Brown Book track “To Drown A Rose” previously included in this post. This may be an indication of my subsconcious thoughts.

I’m too mentally exhausted to write anything of any merit, have been too busy (and spent a week out of town) to blog. But I will post this charming email I got from a reader who is pretty psyched on Farced, thus really making my month (especially with the follow up email.) Also, this means I won’t be pulling the plug on Farced, as I have been toying with. Toot toot:

s y b i l ,

I was making a futile attempt to pretend the following wasn’t true “Back when myspace was still relevant in the world of social networking” (but you’re painfully correct), emailing them about Death in June when I stumbled on your amazing blog. I was just looking for links to their music to play for a new friend on MySpace, because I thought they might like them, when a link “To Drown a Rose” led me to your blog.

I have a little ADD when it comes to the internet, just giving everything a skim, while never digesting anything. Instead, just wasting more time than I intended to. With your blog, it started out innocently enough by pressing play on the first song that I saw “Föhn In Den Bergen” by Die Partei. I was immediately sucked in by their post-punk, Kraftwerkian sound and I scoured the internet, trying to research them and realized I wasn’t getting anywhere. That’s when I realized your blog talked about the songs you included and I was immediately hooked. Post after post! Amazed that I had been so clueless about a great many things when I’ve always prided myself on being a music geek. For instance, you kept using the term NDW (which I later found out from Wikipedia meant “Neue Deutsche Welle”). Also, I never made the Christiane F. connection with Einsturzende Neubauten, even though it was staring me in the face for the past decade. It was exciting to download those tracks. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed everything you’ve written and the music that you’ve posted.

I write you just to solidify that I’m a fan and I will be keeping an eye on your blog. I feel such a renewed “Lust for Life,” which is often coupled with my passion for music. It’s a very exciting to find someone who puts the Muse back in Music for me.

Thank You,
a d a m

Yeah, I can’t believe I just posted that but it really halted my plans to stop updating Farced and let it dissipate. In the follow up email I was asked where I got the name Farced from, I am including the Rudimentary Peni track that inspired the name. I posted some more Rudimentary Peni here in January. There is also more reasoning behind the name but it’s 5am and I really need to sleep. Contrary to popular assumption, I am NOT a 40 year old man but a spry young woman. Thank you Adam for two wondrous emails that let me know this hobby of a blog is appreciated. Once I revamp the blog layout, (banner like everyone else in the blogosphere hooray!), I’ll include an about me page. This egomaniacal post is decried by the Chameleons “your ego is your closest friend, never lets you down” lyric ringing in my head.

Working on scanning some of the 843494 rolls of film from what I like to call the dark year (2008) soon, will have to make a mass update, along with some more music. Probably sometime after compiling these scans into submissions for my future. I make no sense. Good night.

Shirt says “Global Warming is a BUMMER,” took it two summers ago, posting it today because this FICKLE ass weather could not be any more apropos.