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Or something like it. I’m watching Bergman’s Persona again but had to take a break once I realized I never uploaded anything in regard to the historic Throbbing Gristle show at Masonic Temple two months ago. I blame it on the abundance of goth haircuts.

check out Cosey’s hand post-autographing my copy of United/Zyclon B Zombie:

Just took this, poorly framed. Prized possession much? Never gonna let you go…

The show was of course amazing. I lost my shit during the second body-moving set… I couldn’t finish shooting the video due to moving every part of my body while banging on the stage floor. I have to say, I felt like the ultimate dork actually getting this autographed but I don’t regret it. Why should I?

Below are the purchased vinyl I have not had a chance to validate (save for TG) for over two months. I’m never home!

Hence why my floor looks so gnarly here. Apologies.

Speaking of prized possessions, remember the Vex album I nearly shat myself over? The ridiculously hard to find copy of Sanctuary is on it’s way from England the Czech Republic. Crossing my fingers that it doesn’t arrive broken. Crossing them hard, I almost cried when I saw the email notifying me that I had won. Not even having to pay 50 quid ($82) for it!  I keep scoring so hard on releases I have never been lucky enough to win. Two-thousand and mine! Considering this as an early Birthday present to myself.

Including Sex Gang Children’s “Dieche,” as pictured in the jumble of records above, while resisting posting the video of Andi Sexgang thrusting his hips during a performance of “Oh Funny Man.” I don’t need to become re-obsessed with that video again.

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  1. adamnauseam Says:

    You’re so lucky that you got that close to TG, got to meet them, and get a signing. Ugh! I can’t complain. I got to see them perform last April 21st at Ricardo “The Wrath of Khan” Montalban Theatre of all places in Hollywood. Normally, the venue is a Nike store! The irony kills me that TG played there. They performed all of In the Shadow of the Sun (1984) while the film played. The visuals coupled with the music was pretty intense and inspiring. They encored with “Persuasion” and that was it. Celebrities in attendance at the little theater were Dave Navarro and Sasha Grey. haha. My friends and I milled around the theater not wanting to believe that it was really over. )c:

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