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It’s July first, who can believe it. My birthday is approaching, summer is here and the above couldn’t speak more for it. With this I am including 1982’s “We Feel Good (Future’s Looking Fine)” by much forgotten about Endgames (1-ex Berlin Blondes) from their first single release. This song is included in the incomplete “Hello Summer!” and Francesca Tallone mixes I started late May.

P.S. I went through so much trouble (45 minute download) to get a higher quality rip of this song, due to the version someone sent me years ago being 96kbps.

2 Responsesto “Note to self”

  1. adamnauseam Says:

    That was a fun song. Thanks for posting! I’ve never heard it before, but that’s not surprising, since you never cease to surprise me (sorry for the overuse of “surprise”). I’m listening to it for the 4th time. Good song to kick off the summer with. Yes, I’m stressed it’s already July, since I have to move out of my apartment by the 18th! Ugh. I just want to download music all day now that I found that website that I was sending you links from. Hope you’re able to get to those Sol Invictus albums. So good! Glad you found a higher quality version of “We Feel Good,” because I’ve been organizing my Mp3s according to the kbps and I’m chagrined to realize how many low quality Mp3s I have, because 128 is as low as I want to go. I hope something smashing comes together for your birthday. (c;

  2. quink Says:

    I thought of this record on Friday morning, and within five minutes had it blasting out of the speakers. Thankyou very much indeed. It was a sixth form classic for me (49p from the Record and Tape Exchange) and listening to it again is like a wormhole back into that time.

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