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Today, I am obsessed with this 1981 7″ release by The Climb (before they transitioned to the less than stellar Trashing Doves). “I Can’t Forget” was also released as a 12″ with an extended version of the song, clocking in over six minutes.  Some greedy soul currently has the 12″ release  listed for $700, luckily my 7″ cost me less than $20. “Only a Human,” the B-side of the 7″ single has some haunting similarities to some other acts of the era that I won’t mention, but stands out on its own. I’m including all three tracks with this post.

Two sundays ago, I guest DJ’ed with my buddy Jacob Gorchov on East Village Radio’s Minimal Wave show. It was a dancier show and we had a blast in the booth (hence why you can’t hear us with the booth volume so loud). I’m including the mp3s with this post of the 19 songs I played. Please note that “Decidedly So” by Further Reductions was indeed played and can be heard in the stream, I just missed logging it in with the booth being a bit crowded. You can buy their “Decidedly So/Not Unknown” 7″ here from Captured Tracks or buy it at Heaven Street Records in Brooklyn, like I did.  If you are reading this via feed, you’ll have to read this post on the site in order to download all 19 songs listed below.

EVR: Minimal Wave, November 14th 2010

Anti-Matter – Digital Dance
Intro – Lost Without Your Love
Nightmoves – Beat This
Scorpion Violente – Viol et Revanche
EMAK – Tanz in den himmel
Move – Casa Domani
Further Reductions – Decidedly So
Parade Ground – Action Replay (I’ve listened to this song nearly every day since January)
Silvia – Wintergarten
Boytronic – Recycled
Bergtraum – Almenrausch
Das Kabinette – Fudge It
Xmal Deutschland – Blut ist Liebe
DEO – Exakt Neutral
Starter – Plastic
W.A.T. – Wax
Janitors Animated – Need To Go High
Flowers by Throe – Give Us
Asylum Party – Play Alone

You can find the full playlist here and stream the show here.

ETA: 5/27/16: Uploaded to soundcloud below because old EVR site is DEAD.

There are 70 billion people out there. Where are they hiding?

This post was meant to be posted in September but alas, no time can render starting posts useless… until now.

Cabaret Voltaire goes without explanation, I recurrently get obsessed with their “ethno-techno” single “Yashar” from 1982, released on Factory Records. There are several versions of “Yashar,” I’ve included my favorite with this post.  Lately I’ve been listening quite a lot to “Haiti” (my Motherland, go figure) off of The Crackdown, expect that track to be added to this post later.

Their ever engrossing track “Split Second Feeling” from 1981’s Red Mecca can be found on the Paramnesia mix from 2008.

Back in August (can’t believe it’s already NOVEMBER!) I made my friend Brent in Portland a mix for his birthday. Though having stayed up all night working on this 60 minute mixtape, I wasn’t too satisfied with the outcome of it. Thankfully it arrived in his hands two days later on his birthday, unscathed. Not thinking it was my best, I was relieved to hear how stoked he was on this hasty mix of songs. Now nearly three months later, steadily on rotation (saving my day at work!), I’ve decided to post it to the blog.


16 songs, 60 minutes; 192 kbps

August 17, 2010, Minimal Syb Tapes #002

Side A:

Theatre of Hate – Do You Believe in the Westworld?
Anti-matter – Invisible Man
The Wake – On Our Honeymoon
Zwischenfall – Atemlos
Automelodi – Baunderie Jazz
Eyeless in Gaza – Others
Cult of Youth – To the Floor!
Sol Invictus – Raven Chorus

Side B:

Chris & Cosey – October (Love Song) ’86 version
Severed Heads – We Have Come to Bless This House (Remix Two)
Sentimentale Jugend – Hiroshima
Look Back In Anger – Silent Partner
Vex – Sanctuary
Skinny Puppy – Incision
SPK – Walking on Dead Steps
Death in June – Giddy Giddy Carousel

Download the zip file containing the mixtape, extract, upload to iTunes, sort by track number and enjoy!

ETA 2014: Zip file removed. Stream via Soundcloud below:

You can download more mixes here.

If you like this mix you should check out the Ohne Titel mix (I get a lot of praise on this mix & it’s my fave).

In my head for two days now, can’t help but make this quickie post. This Peter Godwin euro(synth)pop wonder (har har) has never affected me much and I almost forgot about this song until Holladay played it on Friday. Somehow it managed to be stuck in my head four days later, as I woke up with “ecoute, mon coeur, qui cra-cra-craque” replaying in my head. Surprisingly enough, I didn’t drive my boss nuts with repeated streaming of this 1983 Belgian single. Can’t help but be reminded of the late goddess Dalida‘s “Kalimba De Luna” from 1984. Also included with this post is the instrumental of this track because as much as the chorus is stuck in my head, Nathalie’s voice gets agitating after a while.

I’ve got some goodies planned for the blog, thanks for the emails, twitter messages and comments. Mixtapes, mp3s & DJ setlists coming soon!

Speaking of DJ sets, I am DJing on Halloween:

Should be fun & foggy. Come out if you are in Brooklyn.

This is some sort of update I suppose. This past Sunday, a photo of me taken by my friend Eliz made it into The New York Times Magazine for their cover story entitled “What Is It About 20-Somethings?”. Photos of me are featured in the online gallery and in the printed version. Check the photo that made it to print below:

I’ve neglected my poor little blog that I’ve had for nearly four years now. Almost wanted to pull the plug (again) but this blog has come in handy when DJing. People come up to me asking what particular song is playing and I can usually point them to my blog as most songs queried about have been posted. I should probably start posting DJ setlists but I start and seem to get annoyed by the WordPress UI. As I am barely posting on here, I often post to my twitter page or to the youtube channel, more frequently than here anyway. I know some people check back here for updates only to find the shamefully scant amount of posts for 2010 (can’t believe it’s almost over!). Hypem stopped tracking my blog twice now thanks to the lack of updates. I’ve also setup a photoblog for the ridiculous amount of film that I have scanned in these past months (yes those gazillion rolls I’ve talked about since 2008), which of course I’ve barely posted to. Now that fall is steadily approaching and summer is nearing to an end, I will be indoors more to tend to these things I’ve been neglecting. Also I sent my friend in Portland a mixtape that I am thinking of posting. Planning to make a mixtape to keep for myself and post to the blog.

Many things have happened since I last updated the blog. There is now a Farced youTube channel, I’ve been DJing quite a bit and even scanned in some of the film that’s been sitting around for over two years. Last weekend I fell (off a bike), hit my head, had a concussion and suffered from “Post-Concussion Syndrome.” Seven days of a debilitating pounding headache, nausea and dizziness that I wouldn’t wish on anyone. Being a prisoner of my home for those days, I got a lot of quiet time activities done (when my new neighbor wasn’t loudly playing Lady Gag on her acoustic guitar). Namely finally scanning a bunch of negatives, new and old and working on mixtapes.

The first tape I made is for Luke, many, many years overdue. Good thing he’s in LA now, so I didn’t have to wait over a week for it to arrive in Australia to finally post it. The cover is a found photo I posted here in 2008 which couldn’t be more fitting for a film reviewer.

Naturally the tape is Maxell, not a coveted vintage one like in the link or the one Luke sent me a few months back (he made a big stink about that!) The first side is more upbeat and spastic whereas side B steadily becomes more placid.

28 songs, 1:33 total time; 192 kbps
June 8, 2010, Minimal Syb Tapes #001

Side A:
Janitors Animated – Drunkula
Vienna – Say You Love Me (Tu As Juré)
Angela – Painted Love
Vital Signs – Miracle
Anti- Matter – Infatuation
Black Fantasy – Evil Places
Alexander Robotnick – Problèmes D’Amour
Martin Dupont – Sticks In My Brain
Land of Giants – Cannibal Dolls
Edith Nylon – Avorton
Einstuerzende Neubauten & Die Sentimentale Jugend – Wollt ihr die totale Befriedigung (“I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction” cover
Faded Image – Strumentale
*Death in June – Death of the West (added to fill space)

Side B:
Poison Girls – Underbitch
Lost Cherrees – Why does it have to be a dream?
Near Paris – Believe Me
Move – Lei
Bal Paré – Palais D´Amour
W.A.T. – Famous
Distant Drums – Halloween
ZeitGeist – Chor Der Besinnungslosen
Flowers By Throe – Give Us
Effi Briest – Long Shadow
Chameleons – P.S. Goodbye
Vox Populi! – Trois Gouttes De Sang
*Marine Girls – Love to Know (added to fill space)

Download the zip file containing folders for each side below, extract, upload to iTunes, sort by track number and enjoy!

ETA 2014: Zip file removed. Stream via Soundcloud below:

You can download more mixes here.