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Many things have happened since I last updated the blog. There is now a Farced youTube channel, I’ve been DJing quite a bit and even scanned in some of the film that’s been sitting around for over two years. Last weekend I fell (off a bike), hit my head, had a concussion and suffered from “Post-Concussion Syndrome.” Seven days of a debilitating pounding headache, nausea and dizziness that I wouldn’t wish on anyone. Being a prisoner of my home for those days, I got a lot of quiet time activities done (when my new neighbor wasn’t loudly playing Lady Gag on her acoustic guitar). Namely finally scanning a bunch of negatives, new and old and working on mixtapes.

The first tape I made is for Luke, many, many years overdue. Good thing he’s in LA now, so I didn’t have to wait over a week for it to arrive in Australia to finally post it. The cover is a found photo I posted here in 2008 which couldn’t be more fitting for a film reviewer.

Naturally the tape is Maxell, not a coveted vintage one like in the link or the one Luke sent me a few months back (he made a big stink about that!) The first side is more upbeat and spastic whereas side B steadily becomes more placid.

28 songs, 1:33 total time; 192 kbps
June 8, 2010, Minimal Syb Tapes #001

Side A:
Janitors Animated – Drunkula
Vienna – Say You Love Me (Tu As Juré)
Angela – Painted Love
Vital Signs – Miracle
Anti- Matter – Infatuation
Black Fantasy – Evil Places
Alexander Robotnick – Problèmes D’Amour
Martin Dupont – Sticks In My Brain
Land of Giants – Cannibal Dolls
Edith Nylon – Avorton
Einstuerzende Neubauten & Die Sentimentale Jugend – Wollt ihr die totale Befriedigung (“I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction” cover
Faded Image – Strumentale
*Death in June – Death of the West (added to fill space)

Side B:
Poison Girls – Underbitch
Lost Cherrees – Why does it have to be a dream?
Near Paris – Believe Me
Move – Lei
Bal Paré – Palais D´Amour
W.A.T. – Famous
Distant Drums – Halloween
ZeitGeist – Chor Der Besinnungslosen
Flowers By Throe – Give Us
Effi Briest – Long Shadow
Chameleons – P.S. Goodbye
Vox Populi! – Trois Gouttes De Sang
*Marine Girls – Love to Know (added to fill space)

Download the zip file containing folders for each side below, extract, upload to iTunes, sort by track number and enjoy!

ETA 2014: Zip file removed. Stream via Soundcloud below:

You can download more mixes here.