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In my head for two days now, can’t help but make this quickie post. This Peter Godwin euro(synth)pop wonder (har har) has never affected me much and I almost forgot about this song until Holladay played it on Friday. Somehow it managed to be stuck in my head four days later, as I woke up with “ecoute, mon coeur, qui cra-cra-craque” replaying in my head. Surprisingly enough, I didn’t drive my boss nuts with repeated streaming of this 1983 Belgian single. Can’t help but be reminded of the late goddess Dalida‘s “Kalimba De Luna” from 1984. Also included with this post is the instrumental of this track because as much as the chorus is stuck in my head, Nathalie’s voice gets agitating after a while.

I’ve got some goodies planned for the blog, thanks for the emails, twitter messages and comments. Mixtapes, mp3s & DJ setlists coming soon!

Speaking of DJ sets, I am DJing on Halloween:

Should be fun & foggy. Come out if you are in Brooklyn.