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Hey Farced readers, I’m spinning some records tomorrow, Wednesday, February 16th at Wierd with Sean Ragon of Cult of Youth and Frankie Teardrop for the US Debut of Mueran Humanos. I am very, very excited and honored to DJ this show, which also happens to be the record release show for their self titled LP released on Blind Prophet Records.

From the Blind Prophet release page:

Tomas and Carmen of Mueran Humanos embody the classic counterculture tradition of an “us against the world” couple driven to greatness through their love of each other and their passion for art. Think of them as a post-industrial Lux and Ivy, a garage rock Chris and Cosey, or even a psychedelic Johnny Cash and June Carter.  Mueran Humanos also perfectly embody a sonic balance between their native Buenos Ares and the city of Berlin where they now reside. The record is dripping with Argentinian swagger and sexiness but also manages to capture the futuristic spirit of Berlin’s krautrock, industrial, and electro heritage.  Ultimately what Mueran Humanos have done is create a record for everyone to enjoy. It touches upon moments of psychedelia, EBM, garage rock, industrial, kraut rock, post punk, post industrial, and minimal synth and it ties them all together in a well executed and well recorded package with strong male and female vocals sung purely in Spanish. The end result is a truly spectacular journey from the dimly lit streets of Buenos Ares to the crowded and sweaty nightclubs of Berlin. Don’t miss out on what is sure to be one of the most celebrated albums of 2011.

If you’re not in New York, you can check them out on the rest of their US Tour. I’ll update this post later with an MP3 of “Cosmeticos para Cristo

Thursday, I get to DJ with my favorite lady DJ and friend, Katie Rose of Further Reductions for our monthly Pleasure Discipline night at Daddy’s. Last month was a blast and I have a feeling that this month will surpass that. We don’t generally stick to any genre so you can expect to hear great music of all sorts! Be sure to ask the lovely and hilarious Don Stahl for the Pleasure Discipline cocktail, haw haw. If you are in New York City, come out to one of these, guaranteed good times!

Yes, my DJ name is Minimal Syb now. What started off as a joke one day last summer at Heaven Street Records/Fox and Fawn has begun to stick. Everyone seems to love it and yes, I laugh at myself every time I read/say it. Life is about not taking yourself seriously, folks!

Decided to make an mp3 post in relation to the current “holiday,” as I did two years ago here. You know they all have that word in the title except for the Kassav‘ song “Rété,” however it is about the subject. Since Cult of Youth‘s Ramones cover was already included on the infamous “Ohne Titel” mix, I’ve included a bonus. Consider this some sort of mini-mix… if you are reading via feed, the tracks won’t show up so here’s a list:

Silver Apples – I Have Known Love
Nightmoves  – You Can Take My Love
Intro – Lost Without Your Love
JYL – Computer Love
Poison Girls – Tender Love
Vienna – Say You Love Me (Tu es Jure)
Djet-X – Love to Love
Abe Vigoda – Dream Of My Love (Chasing After You)
13th Floor Elevators – I’m Gonna Love You Too
Kassav’ – Rété
Trisomie 21 – Love for A Life
Bernard Wright – Who Do You Love
Cult of Youth – Today Your Love, Tomorrow the World
Rhythm and Faith – When the Wind Blows Love Will Die
Death in June – Come Before Christ and Murder Love