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It seems that there is an unconfirmed rumor circulating around the internet that Poly Styrene, also known as Marianne Joan Elliot-Said has passed away due to the cancer she was recently diagnosed with. ETA: I figured once it was morning time in London, if this news was indeed true, it would be confirmed. This got me revisiting some of her post X-Ray Spex career releases. I’ve always been a fan of the cover of  the Translucence LP (pictured above) from 1980 which sparked her solo career. I’ve still never managed to snag it for cheap enough to have it framed.

Listened to “Big Boy Toy” quite a bit tonight from her 1986 12″ Gods And Goddesses EP. Starting off tersely with what you would expect from someone involved with the Hare Krishna movement three years prior, it quickly turns into a synth-tinged post punk ditty with the silly refrain of “so unnecessary to  impress your secretary.” “Big Boy Toy” is included with this post along with “Trick of the Witch” from the same EP. 1980’s tropical “Talk in Toytown” has been uploaded to the Farced youTube channel as well.

Rest in Paradise Marianne.