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My love affair with Boytronic started when my best friend Diana put them on a mix for me back when I was not even of age to drink. For the longest time “You” was my favorite track, making its way to the Ohne Titel mix from last year. This week I dug out my copy of “Bryllyant” in preparation for Katie Rose & I’s monthly night, Pleasure Discipline tomorrow, thus starting this week long Boytronic mania. For the past two days I’ve woken up with sexy sax filled “(I Want To Live) In Harmony” off of 1983’s The Working Model in my head which is far from a complaint. The days prior it was their later (1985) “Late Night Satellite” on steady rotation on my turntable and in my head. I couldn’t believe that “(I Want To Live) In Harmony” hadn’t been uploaded to youtube so I took the liberty of adding it to Farced’s youtube channel. I am including it with this post along with “Recycled” as previously posted here.

If you’re in NYC, come out to Daddy’s tomorrow night for Pleasure Discipline! I’ve dug out some goodies in preparation for the “post-rapture” madness.

Just a quick update to let my readers know that I am DJing Wierd tonight, Wednesday, May 4th at Home Sweet Home for the special return of Wierd Records’ own Automelodi of Montreal.

10pm – 4am
WIERD @ Home Sweet Home
131 Chrystie St. @ Delancey, NYC
Info: (212) 226-5708

“Baundarie Jazz” as heard in the video above was included in the Doubt to Nothing mixtape from last summer.

Hope to see some familiar faces for some dancing and Automelodi’s set after midnight! Gonna work in some Chrome for Xavier. Come say hi if you’re in NYC!