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Five years ago today, I made my first Farced blog post after installing wordpress onto srsly.tv. Thinking of things in five year increments is in part a bummer, perhaps due to the fact that it flies so fast! Leading to the inevitable thought of “what have I done in the past FIVE years?!” But this isn’t about me, it’s about this dear little blog that I have held on to for a lustrum. In celebration of this event, I planned to post the mixtape I sent Brent for his birthday on Monday. Despite it being only three days, I was really hoping for him to receive it today so I could officially post the mix to the blog. So dear readers you will have to wait for the official post, however I am including the soundcloud upload of it. So far I’ve gotten a lot of praise for this mix which is a relief because I was not happy with the initial live-mixed recording of this mp3. After five days of listening to it non stop, that has passed. And who cares, really? It is after all, a mixtape live-mixed for one person in mind. Tracklist (as repeatedly requested this week) and full posting to come upon receipt of the mixtape.

Melting Close Mixtape by Sybil Jason

Also in quinquennial commemoration of Farced, I plan to live-mix every single Farced mix I have posted into mp3s, as I have promised for years now. The first being the ever popular Ohne Titel mix. It’ll be quite the project but I feel that this is the next phase of things.

In typical Farced fashion, I have included the track “Five Years Life” by Aus Decline as featured on the tirelessly fantastic 1983 Italian minimal compilation First Relation.

Happy Birthday Farced!

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photo copyright Sybil Jason, 2007

p.s. I made a tumblr scrapbook of various 35mm photos I’ve taken in the past five years. more posts to come to that as soon as I have time to scan the dillion rolls I have.