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Greetings from LA! Finally mixed both sides of the 90 minute mix tape I made on 12/12/12 named after the song by Deux whose “Game & Performance” starts the tape. Featuring some more contemporary songs from Martial Canterel, Led Er Est, YOU. and Tiers amongst some rare goodies (specifically the Roland Young track) and familiar favorites. A lot less dark than the follow up, strictly digital mix entitled Ke Fini from my last post, which goes across the board with genres, (mixing SPK into Solange, hey!). This tape has SPK as well, mostly because the receiver of the tape loved them so.

Anyway here’s the tracklist and actual MP3 for you to download (right click + save) or stream above on soundcloud or on mixcloud:

Side A:

  1. Deux – Game & Performance
  2. Martial Canterel – Against the Age
  3. Blurpz – Life
  4. Proxies – Luxury
  5. Led Er Est – Orange
  6. Vox Dei – Lord’s Melancolie
  7. Public Image Ltd. – Flowers of Romance (Instrumental)
  8. Mob Garten – Moderna Kvinnor
  9. Linear Movement – Way Out of Living
  10. Decadance – On And On (Fears Keep On)
  11. Baby Buddha – Then I Sleep

Side B:

  1. SPK – Another dark Age
  2. Tiers – These Days (Demo)
  3. Corps Diplomatique – Paradis
  4. Roland young – Victim
  5. CTI – Mary
  6. Parade Ground – Action Replay
  7. YOU. – Makeup & Tears (Demo)
  8. A Split Second – Colonial Disharge
  9. Death In June – The Giddy Edge of Light

Y’all can thank United Air for taking Wifi off of my aircraft to LAX, talk about productivity! Enjoy!

Soon I’ll repost the mix I also made on the plane for the Rituals monthly party, which I will be DJing on April 26th. Details on that to come…