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If this is your first visit to Farced, please skip the next two paragraphs (or just look at the sidebar for links).

Photo by A. Sala.

Hi Farced fans and readers (if you’re still reading?). It’s been 9 years since I decided to start a blog, then did my first podcast of a DJ set at Pianos with a voice intro. That podcast was taken off the site and not included in my 5 year FARCED retrospective of every mixtape & mix being mixed into a single MP3 (remember the days when you could download zip files of my mixes?). The other day while recording a sort of Manifesto for the “[Haitian] Legacy Project” I’ve talked about for YEARS of doing, which has slowly materialized into something more tangible, I fell in love with my voice. I realized my voice had power, I realized that the very thing I had been running away from my whole adult life was in essence the very part of my legacy. Then I remembered 2006 and posting that podcast and not being comfortable with my voice. Funnily enough a few weeks before Farced’s 9th birthday (9/22), I decided I’d finally post that podcast, voice and all.

I suppose getting comfortable with my voice recorded was due in part to covering on the Minimal Wave show on East Village Radio a few years back. I am so grateful for Anastazja when I signed up to do my show on Berlin Community Radio for suggesting I name the show FARCED (I was kind of just looking to do it under something else), because “it IS your brand.” So in effect I’ve been simultaneously tending to what was always subconsciously something I wanted to do: use my voice with music, I guess radio DEEJAY, like my Dad (or podcast since this is the internet). I’ve got so many new ideas for Farced (I’ve had many over the years, but the last 3 years of my life have been chaos, ever hear of Saturn Return?). I’ve talked about a site revamp for like 4 years now, it is going to happen. The Farced mixtapes that people email me asking for copies are finally going to be produced in limited editions and sold at some local stores in NYC (and maybe elsewhere in the U.S. of A & Europe). And podcasts, I will try as much as I can to make this a thing since I find myself recording more voice notes than writing in my journal (and clearly I’ve had an aversion to blogging). This will include so many talented & amazing individuals from all walks of life I am lucky to have in my life. So many ideas, so little energy. I will try my best for everyone that’s been bugging me to not let Farced “die.” She’s still here and is not going anywhere.

Now that I got that out of the way: Here’s what’s been going on.

  • I post sort of regularly to the Farced Facebook and Twitter. There you can see where I will be DeeJaying.
  • I have FARCED 12 shows so far on BCR which you can stream below via the Mixcloud playlist for the show since (their SONYCLOUD Soundcloud got deleted.

“Up Next” shows you all the shows in the playlist. I’d tell you my favorite shows but I’ll leave that up for you to decide (but really the last one (12), 1st, 3rd & 7th are my absolute favorites).

  • I’ve moved almost all of my mixes, mixtapes, DJ sets, etc to Mixcloud before soundcloud bites the dust (though my soundcloud is still up, for now).

  • Giroutte Records asked me to make a mix for them back in March, it’s finally up (it was Take 1 but life got BUSY so…)

  • I finally made a mix of Haitian music, another request by many people I know for years. It’s volume 1 and includes some Zouk from our French Patois sister nations of Guadeloupe & Martinique. It’s mostly synth based. There will be tons more volumes as this will go with my Legacy Project because Haitian music is so versatile and unique. Side note: I’m Haitian-American and Haitian music has been included in a lot of BCR shows and a huge part of my being. I can’t wait to finally make announcements about this project which is ultimately my life purpose. This first volume is entitled WAVE KREYOL. This mix will be posted soon!
  • I’m back home in NYC for a bit, settling my affairs (see sidebar for booking link). Getting rid of most of my coveted records to make way for more of what I am ultimately going to spend all of my time doing. Plus most of them have been in boxes for nearly 3 years now so it’s time to find them new homes. I DJ mostly with USB and laptop now, spent a chunk of time 2 years ago ripping a huge chunk of my vinyl, preparing for my escape to Europe.

That’s really it for now. I leave you with my last BCR show:

Thanks to all the supporters over the years, to anyone that has mentioned & appreciated this neglected corner of the internet, much more is coming!