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My friend Jamie, master word weaver, wrote a blog entry praising Farced. It totally made my day, and perhaps I won’t be pulling the plug on my nearly 3.5 year old baby.

My friend Sybil has better taste in music than anyone I know. Each time she updates her blog it’s like I’m getting a fucking present. And when she updates with a mix, it’s like my birthday, Halloween and Passover all rolled into one vaguely terrifying event. It’s a good thing I’ve got this nice new synth-laden mix to experience it to. Long live Farced.

This coupled with the emails I have received with high praise requesting that I do not forfeit updating have made me change my mind about pulling the plug on dear old Farced. After months of not updating (and paying for my own webhosting) I figured no one would care if I did. Thank you friends and strangers for showing that is not the case. The most amazing was a reader signing up for twitter just to ask me not to stop updating.

Maybe now that I’ve started updating again, The Hype Machine will reactivate my listing.

Will update soon, this past month has been insane to epic proportions, some of which I’d like to forget.

Thanks for all of the emails, will return once things die down and/or summer has passed. See ya!

scan via Jens Rocker

It’s July first, who can believe it. My birthday is approaching, summer is here and the above couldn’t speak more for it. With this I am including 1982’s “We Feel Good (Future’s Looking Fine)” by much forgotten about Endgames (1-ex Berlin Blondes) from their first single release. This song is included in the incomplete “Hello Summer!” and Francesca Tallone mixes I started late May.

P.S. I went through so much trouble (45 minute download) to get a higher quality rip of this song, due to the version someone sent me years ago being 96kbps.

I’m too mentally exhausted to write anything of any merit, have been too busy (and spent a week out of town) to blog. But I will post this charming email I got from a reader who is pretty psyched on Farced, thus really making my month (especially with the follow up email.) Also, this means I won’t be pulling the plug on Farced, as I have been toying with. Toot toot:

s y b i l ,

I was making a futile attempt to pretend the following wasn’t true “Back when myspace was still relevant in the world of social networking” (but you’re painfully correct), emailing them about Death in June when I stumbled on your amazing blog. I was just looking for links to their music to play for a new friend on MySpace, because I thought they might like them, when a link “To Drown a Rose” led me to your blog.

I have a little ADD when it comes to the internet, just giving everything a skim, while never digesting anything. Instead, just wasting more time than I intended to. With your blog, it started out innocently enough by pressing play on the first song that I saw “Föhn In Den Bergen” by Die Partei. I was immediately sucked in by their post-punk, Kraftwerkian sound and I scoured the internet, trying to research them and realized I wasn’t getting anywhere. That’s when I realized your blog talked about the songs you included and I was immediately hooked. Post after post! Amazed that I had been so clueless about a great many things when I’ve always prided myself on being a music geek. For instance, you kept using the term NDW (which I later found out from Wikipedia meant “Neue Deutsche Welle”). Also, I never made the Christiane F. connection with Einsturzende Neubauten, even though it was staring me in the face for the past decade. It was exciting to download those tracks. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed everything you’ve written and the music that you’ve posted.

I write you just to solidify that I’m a fan and I will be keeping an eye on your blog. I feel such a renewed “Lust for Life,” which is often coupled with my passion for music. It’s a very exciting to find someone who puts the Muse back in Music for me.

Thank You,
a d a m

Yeah, I can’t believe I just posted that but it really halted my plans to stop updating Farced and let it dissipate. In the follow up email I was asked where I got the name Farced from, I am including the Rudimentary Peni track that inspired the name. I posted some more Rudimentary Peni here in January. There is also more reasoning behind the name but it’s 5am and I really need to sleep. Contrary to popular assumption, I am NOT a 40 year old man but a spry young woman. Thank you Adam for two wondrous emails that let me know this hobby of a blog is appreciated. Once I revamp the blog layout, (banner like everyone else in the blogosphere hooray!), I’ll include an about me page. This egomaniacal post is decried by the Chameleons “your ego is your closest friend, never lets you down” lyric ringing in my head.

Working on scanning some of the 843494 rolls of film from what I like to call the dark year (2008) soon, will have to make a mass update, along with some more music. Probably sometime after compiling these scans into submissions for my future. I make no sense. Good night.

Shirt says “Global Warming is a BUMMER,” took it two summers ago, posting it today because this FICKLE ass weather could not be any more apropos.

I am back sorta. Just felt the need to make this obligatory post considering that people have been asking me when I will update.  Folks have also been giving lots of praise and there have been more hits however things have been insane lately. Thus leaving me with little time to sit down and actually “blog.” After nearly 5 months of being unemployed and being in my current sitch… there has been a lot of going out. It’s been sort of great because probably about 60% of people I associate with have recently been laid off and though that is somewhat terrifying, its good to know that I am not alone in feeling totally complacent and helpless.

I am making moves though, that involve my brain not dwindling and my “IQ” not plummeting below what it was when I got tested at 16. I can’t believe I just mentioned that, but this is crucial to me trying to remember that at a point in time I was indeed a person with more erudite interests.  Who believes in that IQ poppycock anyway? It’s true what they say, if you don’t use it, you lose it. I may have lost it.

There hasn’t been anything too good on rotation, mostly booty bass from the 90’s, quintessential 80’s jams, and horrible pop. I blame Karaoke on Wednesday night partly. Naturally, this leaves me with no desire to post any music as it’s all been borderline embarrassing.

It’s a strange time to be in (I like to refer to it as the post-traumatic world), and all I can do is enjoy it with my fellow mostly “funemployed” friends and enjoy life. I am very lucky to be surrounded with amazing human beings during this uncertain period in history. They’re not kidding when they say that people drink more during the recession.

Image from Best Recession Ever via Alex.

I can safely say that This Heat has had some kind of profound effect on my life, Deceit being one of those albums I would cite as mind-blowingly life changing. As much as I love Throbbing Gristle, I would be a thousand times more excited if This Heat would reform & tour. I am all about turning people on to music, but if you don’t know TH it is a real shame. I highly recommend the After This Heat bootleg, highlighting their projects post-This Heat (Lifetones, Flaming Tunes & Les Batteries). I can never get enough of this bootleg, I am including “Golden Age” from this aside from my favorite Deceit tune “A New Kind of Water.

“Breakst Stroke” video previously posted here and “A New Kind of Water” included in the Contempt mix.

Fmylife.com is the most amazing thing to me right this minute, featuring “everyday life’s unfortunate moments and funny stories.” Serious latepass for me, thought it’s only been around for a year. Perfect site to read when you are having a BAD, BAD day and need to feel better about life. There are many “fuck my life” moments in my life but then again I pretty much have the mantra of “never a dull moment.”

Some submissions from the site, the last two made me laugh, LOUDLY:

Today, I was tutoring kids at an elementary school. One kid messed up my hair. I said, “Why’d you do that??” He said, “I have lice, now you have lice too!” FML

Today, my mom had my girlfriend and I over. Out of the blue, she pulled out my grandmothers wedding ring and gave it to me saying I can now propose. My girlfriend started screaming and said yes. I have been seeing someone else for 3 months and was going to break up with my girlfriend tomorrow. FML

Today, my boyfriend told me he couldn’t hang out with me because he felt really sick. I went to his house anyway to surprise him with homemade soup. I walk in to his room only to find him hooking up with my sister. She can’t drive, our mom drove her there. FML

Today, I overheard my daughter compliment my mother by saying “My mom is way flabbier than you, Grandma.” When I told her later that she hurt my feelings, she told me to “man up.” She’s seven. FML

Today, I spent 300 dollars making colored flyers for my iPhone that I lost. On the flyer I wrote for whoever found it to call me and I would give a reward. I wrote the phone number of my iPhone that I lost. FML

Today, my boyfriend and I decided to try anal sex. When he was done, I turned around to see him holding a strap-on with a smile on his face and said ‘Now, do me’. FML

Today, after soccer practice, I was walking to the car with my dad. My team mates waved and said “Bye POTHEAD!” They call me that because they think my head is shaped like a pot. Of course, my dad didn’t believe me. I’m grounded now because I have an abnormally-shaped head. I’ve never smoked pot. FML

Today, I was at the beach with my buddy. Messing around, he swam up behind me and dunked me under the water. Naturally, moments later I swam behind him, grabbed both his ankles and stood up, flipping him completely, only to see him watching me from a few feet away. I flipped a 70 year old man. FML

Today, I woke up to a tap on my shoulder and had no idea where I was. I quickly discovered It was 11 am and I was still at the bar I had been drinking at the night before. My shoes were gone. FML

Today, my cat was in the bathroom when I was undressing to get into the shower. I realized that he was the only male to have seen me naked in the past two months. Then he started scratching the door for me to let him out. FML