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I made a quick 60 minute mix for Rituals a few days ago in the spirit of Samhain.

“Have you ever fantasized about waking up in a mental hospital with no idea how you arrived in such a place? The yelps and moans of your fellow patients (detainees?) echoing throughout the foreboding corridors as you stumble from hall to hall to find an exit. Where are the authorities? Why am I here and (more importantly) how did I get here? Hospital employees only wish to sedate you and return you to your decrepit quarters. Your only chance for freedom is to attack and flee. You sprint past one white door after another praying to find daylight under the maddening flicker of endless fluorescent lights. You’ll likely die before you find that elusive exit, but never stop running. All the while the other patients’ moans continue unabated.”


  1. Herz Juhning – Defense Reaction
  2. Κρυπτογράφημα – Πίσω από τον τοίχο
  3. Svart – Sår
  4. Asmodi Bizarr – Traumland
  5. Leitmotiv – Morne Libido
  6. Blitz – Flowers &  Fire
  7. Unsolved Mysteries – Unsolved Mysteries Opening Theme
  8. Epee du Bois – Divide (demo)
  9. Figure Study – Station
  10. Yclept Dinmakers – Killjoy
  11. Alu – Es Kommt Immer Näher
  12. Les Sirènes Débrouillardes – Beware The Siren’s Song
  13. Brotman & Short – Daughters of Flame
  14. Hysteria – Love Thine Enemy
  15. Los Monaguillosh – Voces En La Jungla
  16. Nostalgie Eternelle – Coup de Grace
  17. A Blaze Colour  – An Addict Of Time
  18. Funeral Party – A Coeur Joie
  19. Klinik – Out Of Line

Running time: 1:00:00; 192 kps

Download below, on the Rituals post or via my soundcloud or Mixcloud.

Happy Halloween!!!

I was supposed to have finished this “goth” mix for my friend Jessica F nearly two and a half years ago. Last night in my mixing roll, I finally got it done. I tried to keep it going with mostly lesser known dark sounds. Enjoy!

Dunkelheit: A Mix
122:30; 192 kpbs

The New Underground Entertainment – A Funeral Birthday
Fools Dance – The Priest Hole
Virgin Prunes – Ulakanakulot
The Laughing Mothers – Cats Cradle
The Cultural Decay – End of the Corridor
Rhythm & Faith – When The Wind Blows Love Will Die
Siglo XX – Individuality
Vision Baroque – Send No Flowers
Xmal Deutschland – Nachtschatten
Opera de Nuit – Invitation
Skeletal Family – Just A Friend
Look Back In Anger – Torment
Glorious Din – Sixth Pillar
The Wake – Patrol
Euroshima – Sonrisas Fabricadas
The Essence – Salivation
Lung Overcoat – Past Lives
Crispy Ambulance – Not What I Expected
Lowlife – Wild Swan
Vex – Sanctuary
Blue Sound – Berlin
The Climb – Only A Human
The Glove – Mouth to Mouth

Today, I am obsessed with this 1981 7″ release by The Climb (before they transitioned to the less than stellar Trashing Doves). “I Can’t Forget” was also released as a 12″ with an extended version of the song, clocking in over six minutes.  Some greedy soul currently has the 12″ release  listed for $700, luckily my 7″ cost me less than $20. “Only a Human,” the B-side of the 7″ single has some haunting similarities to some other acts of the era that I won’t mention, but stands out on its own. I’m including all three tracks with this post.

Having had this post as a draft since last May, it’s finally come to fruition since I am blasting Xmal Deutschland in preparation for my favorite monthly darkwave dance party aptly titled “No Soul.” Ixmal doytschland has been described as the “German Siouxsie and the Banshees,” I can somewhat concur for people unfamiliar with the initially all-girl group. Watching Anja sing brings feelings of awe only Dalida can summon (and fine, Siouxsie too).

Though people familiar with Xmal may know them as a primarily “Gothic Rock” group, they started out in the NDW scene with two of my favorite releases on the German avantgarde, punk and new wave label Zickzack. Zickzack was something like Germany’s Rough Trade of the 80s, started by Alfred Hilsberg, the man who coined the term Neue Deutsche Welle. Nearly all of my favorite German records of that era were on Zickzack, what I would do to get my hands on the whole discography! Anyway, Xmal Deutschland released singles Schwarze Welt in 1981 and Incubus Succubus (I not II) in 1982 on Zickzack before taking on an entirely Gothic sound.

I am including “Blut ist Liebe” (Blood is Lust) B-side of the Incubus Succubus 7″ and  first single “Schwarze Welt.” Also included in this post is my favorite dance track from their first album Fetisch, “Qual” which the boys always play to try to get this dance machine started. I feel that I should mention “Blut ist Liebe” being my current phone ringer, la la la.

22 songs, 1:16:32 total time; 192 kbps

01. Today Your Love, Tomorrow The World – Cult of Youth
02. The Days Arrive – The New Underground Entertainment
03. Suicide Commando – No More
04. Vichy Girls – Martial Canterel
05. You – Boytronic
06. Crème de la crème – Waylon
07. OMFIL – Home Service
08. Pour Mon Bibi – Sentimentale Jugend
09. Anoumam Sandrofia – Bony Pascal & Les Cantadors de la Capitale
10. Zuerst Ich – Silvia
11. Almenrausch – Bergtraum
12. Austauschprogramm – Die Partei
13. Six Days and One – Romeo Void
14. Keeping All the Time – Blank Dogs
15. Die Liebe ist ein Abenteuer – Ti-tho
16. Is Anybody Home? (Part 1) – Trisomie 21
17. Schlaraffenland – Carmen
18. Nite Line (Writer’s Demo) – Michael Jackson
19. Danse – Deutscher Kaiser
20. Exakt Neutral – Deo
21. The Fall – Siglo XX
22. Je Suis Venu Te Dire Que Je M’en Vais – Jo Lemaire & Flouze

Finally, a mix! This is to make up for the lack of mixes in 2009, unless you count this mock mix from nearly a year ago. Replete with mostly German and French jams with Afro, Disco & recent goodies thrown in. Heavy on the synths that will get that body gyrating. I am too tired now to give a breakdown, as much I really would like to get into detail about each track, especially my favorites. As usual I’d love to make this into one big crossfaded mp3 for you guys that like that format, perhaps at a later time.

Download the zip file below, extract, upload to iTunes, sort by track number, make sure crossfading is on and enjoy!

ETA 2014: Zip file removed. Stream via Soundcloud below:

Favored tracks are italicized. Download more mixes here.

Or something like it. I’m watching Bergman’s Persona again but had to take a break once I realized I never uploaded anything in regard to the historic Throbbing Gristle show at Masonic Temple two months ago. I blame it on the abundance of goth haircuts.

check out Cosey’s hand post-autographing my copy of United/Zyclon B Zombie:

Just took this, poorly framed. Prized possession much? Never gonna let you go…

The show was of course amazing. I lost my shit during the second body-moving set… I couldn’t finish shooting the video due to moving every part of my body while banging on the stage floor. I have to say, I felt like the ultimate dork actually getting this autographed but I don’t regret it. Why should I?

Below are the purchased vinyl I have not had a chance to validate (save for TG) for over two months. I’m never home!

Hence why my floor looks so gnarly here. Apologies.

Speaking of prized possessions, remember the Vex album I nearly shat myself over? The ridiculously hard to find copy of Sanctuary is on it’s way from England the Czech Republic. Crossing my fingers that it doesn’t arrive broken. Crossing them hard, I almost cried when I saw the email notifying me that I had won. Not even having to pay 50 quid ($82) for it!  I keep scoring so hard on releases I have never been lucky enough to win. Two-thousand and mine! Considering this as an early Birthday present to myself.

Including Sex Gang Children’s “Dieche,” as pictured in the jumble of records above, while resisting posting the video of Andi Sexgang thrusting his hips during a performance of “Oh Funny Man.” I don’t need to become re-obsessed with that video again.

I’ve been quite obsessed with this under-appreciated Chameleons track “P.S. Goodbye” from What Does Anything Mean? Basically lately. You know when not listening to songs that are versed in Deutsch or other gothic jams. I never really considered The Chameleons as Gothic Rock per se, but I guess given the time period, some folks loop them in as such. My Chameleons loving friend and I walked into a “goth night” in Brooklyn, at nearly 3:30 A.M a few months back post-house party. Boy that set off us losing our minds, finding our new favorite night in Brooklyn. I believe we were on opposite ends of the bar whence Chameleons started playing, with me just leaving in the midst of a conversation to find her and dance. Turns out one of these purveyors of “dark” jams is as big a fan of them as we are. I won’t even get into the four person “Goth Off” that happened on facebook in the wake of this night amongst being half-jokingly obsessed with 80’s gothic rock culture. The point of this post was to stop myself from continuously posting more NDW songs. Come to think of it, I kind of want to finally post the goth videos that were included in said “Goth Off,” as they are are golden.

I actually toyed with the inclusion of this song a few weeks back for a “Goodbye Indefinitely” type of post. Recent emails from readers commending Farced have changed my wanting to stop updating for an immeasurable amount of time.