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Awesome news! I will be hosting a monthly movie night at Hiding Gallery. For the inaugural night of  Moving Pictures, we will be showing Martin Scorcese’s classic 1985 black comedy film After Hours!

After Hours depicts a New Yorker, white collar worker Paul Hackett (Griffin Dunne), who experiences a hellish and seemingly endless night on the seedy streets of New York’s SoHo village. Broke, frenzied and at his rope’s end he is thrust into the increasingly upsetting and often outlandish lives of a variety of ensemble characters. A sequence of misfortunes, coupled with misunderstandings and tragedies threaten Paul’s safety and sanity while he attempts to get back to his apartment, uptown.

It’s an excellent film, as I am sure most of you reading know. We will be serving veggie sloppy joes, home made fries  and other diner affiliated goodies to accompany the reoccurring diner scenes in the film from 8-9PM. The movie starts at 9PM.  If any readers would like to come, please shoot me an email to aid in figuring out how much food to make.

Included with this entry is Peggy Lee’s 1969 single “Is That All That There Is?” from the film’s soundtrack and climactic scene.

I am pretty excited about this and other stuff lined up! More info could be found on Hiding Gallery’s blog.

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I have wanted to post “Wunderbar,” the fantastic 1982 track by Christiane F. forever. Yes, the same Christiane F. famous for having been a 14 year old Berlin prostitute junkie in the late 1970’s. Most famous for the Bowie-soundtracked 1981 film based off the book portraying her story, Christiane F. – Wir Kinder vom Bahnhof Zoo. Finally posting the Weltschmerz mix, I started a draft four months ago, which obviously hasn’t been touched until now. After Elizabeth scolded me for putting a 96kbps rip of the track on the mix, I looked even harder and finally found a 196kbps which I have to say sounds mediocre in comparison to the lower quality rip. There is also no Christiane breathing at the beginning of this “higher quality” rip, like on the one found in the mix. Barely over nine minutes long, “Wunderbar” never tires, keeping those feet moving. Give it a listen, I promise it’s worth it. Check the English parts of the lyrics:

I rip my mini skirt
I find that wonderful
then I kissed my idol
and find that wonderful…

I take your car
and drive very fast
to the nightclub
I am addicted to the feel of your sterring wheel
and i find that wonderfull
for you I rip myself
for you I forget myself
I´m so addicted…

In any case, Gesundheit! is a very hard to find record, vinyl nerd boner if you will. The only copy that has been on the internet for the past six months goes for 45 Euros, equating to $62 USD. I read somewhere that Alexander Hacke from Einstürzende Neubauten produced this record though I do not know the validity of these claims. I do know that they apparently dated back then and she reportedly fell back into Heroin addiction last summer according to German news. If you’ve never seen the film, I suggest you rent it, barring you don’t have a weak stomach.

ETA: I’ve added the Neubauten produced version of Wunderbar here.

I just watched my bootleg DVD copy of Ladies and Gentlemen, the Fabulous Stains that Luke had sent me from Australia several years ago, before it was finally released on home video. I was not planning to purchase the copy which was finally released last September by Rhino Home Video, but my bootleg started glitching up just now.

What can I say other than, this movie never gets old. Even the recorded much later, new-wave sellout, tacked on ending to the ending gets to me after 40 seconds. Diane Lane is remarkably older looking, while Laura Dern (or is it the other one?) is noticeably taller.

I’ve included “Waste of Time” with this entry, as it seems other bloggers have exhausted the “Professionals” track.

You can watch the behind the scenes documentary on the making of the movie below:

A Mother’s Day hospital visit has rendered me a prisoner in my home with way too much time again, for the week. Will try to start blogging regularly again, though I don’t quite have the gumption I had for blogging all winter anymore.

First, the audio didn’t coincide with the video for Netflix’s Instant Viewing feature when I really wanted to watch The Way We Were last month. Yeah go ahead and laugh, I love Babs and that movie is awesome!

Then this:

Netflix, you lie on my perfectly fast internet connection:

Fine, so I can’t get instant movie gratification, most of the selection sucks anyway.

So yesterday, I am all ready to watch Edie Sedgwick prance around Manhattan high out of her mind. No, says fate or the post office or whomever is responsible:

So now I have to wait another 3 days to watch this movie, since it’s not available at my normal distribution center.

I think it’s time I cancel my subscription to Netflix.

Scene from one of my favorite movies, 1994’s I Like It Like That. Taking place in the South Bronx and starring Lauren Velez of New York Undercover fame (why does no one remember this show?! it wasn’t only in NYC!) & John Seda. I used to have such a crush on him. Srsly go rent or buy this movie (I bought it at Virgin Megastore for $10 two months ago.) Found this while looking through my youtube favorites. Or you can just watch the whole thing on youtube.

A few points: hard parenting, hilarious tranny sister, patronizing Rican grandma. I especially love when she says “I don’t know how to comb nappy heads! …marry a woman with bad hair. In my family nobody has nappyheads” and goes on a rant about having “Pure Castilean blood!”

Never giving up the swords, ever!

With Netflix’s Instant Watch feature out for Macs (finally!), I’ve been getting separation anxiety from my macbook. It’s pretty awesome! I’ve been on an Old Downtown NYC kick.

Click on the screenshot of Peter Murphy to see what my friend Brent simultaneously sent me.