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Awesome news! I will be hosting a monthly movie night at Hiding Gallery. For the inaugural night of  Moving Pictures, we will be showing Martin Scorcese’s classic 1985 black comedy film After Hours!

After Hours depicts a New Yorker, white collar worker Paul Hackett (Griffin Dunne), who experiences a hellish and seemingly endless night on the seedy streets of New York’s SoHo village. Broke, frenzied and at his rope’s end he is thrust into the increasingly upsetting and often outlandish lives of a variety of ensemble characters. A sequence of misfortunes, coupled with misunderstandings and tragedies threaten Paul’s safety and sanity while he attempts to get back to his apartment, uptown.

It’s an excellent film, as I am sure most of you reading know. We will be serving veggie sloppy joes, home made fries  and other diner affiliated goodies to accompany the reoccurring diner scenes in the film from 8-9PM. The movie starts at 9PM.  If any readers would like to come, please shoot me an email to aid in figuring out how much food to make.

Included with this entry is Peggy Lee’s 1969 single “Is That All That There Is?” from the film’s soundtrack and climactic scene.

I am pretty excited about this and other stuff lined up! More info could be found on Hiding Gallery’s blog.

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It’s disgusting.

I honestly couldn’t stop laughing sporadically for about 20 minutes about this poor excuse for a pizza. Hey Kraft, I’d like my money back. Rising crust my ass, attempting to eat this was like eating warmed rubber. My stomach does not feel so good right now, but at least I didn’t find a screw in mine.

I seldom log into myspace anymore, or even look at anyone’s page for that matter. I was looking at my longest friend Sarah’s page, and found this photo in one of her albums. Wow! She is one day older than me, we used to pull this trick on people that we were twins. “I was born in the P.M. and she was born in the A.M.” We look nothing alike, but somehow pulled it off. Ha.

Funny, for the first several years of my life I HATED cake. Up until the age of five, there are photos of me sulking next to the cake that my Grandma would bake for me. Now I would kill for cake, especially made by her. Next year I will get a cake, even if I have to buy it myself. This cake has my name written on it. I just find it hilarious that I hated it so much and now I crave cake. I also hated candy, I was a weird child, I don’t know how anyone is that surprised. I am getting hungry looking at this photo.  I WANT THAT DAMN CAKE! I was going to upload a track from Crash Course in Science‘s very rare Cakes in the Home EP but I am too cranky about cake.

EDIT: Jessica in regard to this post said to me “If you had a thought bubble, it would be cake.” There are no words for how much I love this lady. Only facial expressions and hand gestures.

Dipsy Doodles Downer, originally uploaded by edkohler.

For more than a month I have been downing these chips almost daily.

I should probably start going to the supermarket to buy the large bags, in bulk.
As for the description by the person who originally uploaded the above picture on flickr, these rule and are probably too salty.

Whatever, I adore these chips. I think I have a bag somewhere… will probably eat some now, yes at 4 AM.