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I have created a Twitter for dear old Farced, because sometimes I can’t just blog about one video or link. I have also exhausted my personal twitter and facebook with links (amongst other things) at the expense of looking crazy. Though one friend did inform me that I was his favorite twitterer, adding “fuq shaq.”

Jack Crank whom I mentioned in the last post, called my blog “the new jumpoff,” which effortlessly made my night. I have been waiting so long for some records from the UK, that one seller even sent me HER copy of the Hit Parade record she sold me. This is making me nervous that someone in the USPS is stealing my mail. If this paranoid thinking is indeed true, I am fucked as Anthrax sent me one of the shirts they are printing. The shirts are incorporating the cover of the retrospective cd they put out (and again, they thanked me on) which are both on sale on their site.

Here was my Easter weekend “on the go” iPod playlist which really just resulted in me playing the first on repeat probably 24 times:

Epileptics – 1970’s Have Been Made in Hong Kong
Legion of Parasites – Eroded Freedom
Antisect – The World’s Biggest Runt
Vivian Girls – Telepathic Love
Karma Sutra – It’s Our World Too
Lost Cherrees – Why Does It Have To Be A Dream?
Lost Cherrees – Real Crimes
Sleeping Dogs – (I Got My Tan In) El Salvador
The Mob – Never Understood

It was that kind of family strife filled weekend. Needless to say I spent my first Easter with my friends, saving me from enacting the joke of blasting “The Church is For Sinners” while my mother attended Easter mass. Events of late have got me thinking about this Anthrax poster I have somewhere and have been meaning to photocopy (click to enlarge):

I swear, this year is making me feel more and more like I am 18 again. Except there wasn’t really any thing really resembling anarchy in the streets of NYC then and I am also not playing Crass at The Hole with Frank (hilarious right?).

I became re-obsessed with the first song on this playlist, by the Flux of Pink Indians when they went by the Epileptics in 1979. The drumming is the best part with Penny Rimbaud drumming on this EP, though other sources claim differently, but there were THREE pressings of this EP. Blast it repeatedly, because after all “1970’s Have Been Made in Hong Kong” is barely two minutes long. I am pretty sure that this mp3 is from the 1981 re-recording with Rimbaud, but who would know in the olden days of slsk?



EDIT: The mp3 is fromthe re-recorded 1981 release.

*photo of the Hole above from Epicly Later’d, I can’t believe I went back to look for it.

Fmylife.com is the most amazing thing to me right this minute, featuring “everyday life’s unfortunate moments and funny stories.” Serious latepass for me, thought it’s only been around for a year. Perfect site to read when you are having a BAD, BAD day and need to feel better about life. There are many “fuck my life” moments in my life but then again I pretty much have the mantra of “never a dull moment.”

Some submissions from the site, the last two made me laugh, LOUDLY:

Today, I was tutoring kids at an elementary school. One kid messed up my hair. I said, “Why’d you do that??” He said, “I have lice, now you have lice too!” FML

Today, my mom had my girlfriend and I over. Out of the blue, she pulled out my grandmothers wedding ring and gave it to me saying I can now propose. My girlfriend started screaming and said yes. I have been seeing someone else for 3 months and was going to break up with my girlfriend tomorrow. FML

Today, my boyfriend told me he couldn’t hang out with me because he felt really sick. I went to his house anyway to surprise him with homemade soup. I walk in to his room only to find him hooking up with my sister. She can’t drive, our mom drove her there. FML

Today, I overheard my daughter compliment my mother by saying “My mom is way flabbier than you, Grandma.” When I told her later that she hurt my feelings, she told me to “man up.” She’s seven. FML

Today, I spent 300 dollars making colored flyers for my iPhone that I lost. On the flyer I wrote for whoever found it to call me and I would give a reward. I wrote the phone number of my iPhone that I lost. FML

Today, my boyfriend and I decided to try anal sex. When he was done, I turned around to see him holding a strap-on with a smile on his face and said ‘Now, do me’. FML

Today, after soccer practice, I was walking to the car with my dad. My team mates waved and said “Bye POTHEAD!” They call me that because they think my head is shaped like a pot. Of course, my dad didn’t believe me. I’m grounded now because I have an abnormally-shaped head. I’ve never smoked pot. FML

Today, I was at the beach with my buddy. Messing around, he swam up behind me and dunked me under the water. Naturally, moments later I swam behind him, grabbed both his ankles and stood up, flipping him completely, only to see him watching me from a few feet away. I flipped a 70 year old man. FML

Today, I woke up to a tap on my shoulder and had no idea where I was. I quickly discovered It was 11 am and I was still at the bar I had been drinking at the night before. My shoes were gone. FML

Today, my cat was in the bathroom when I was undressing to get into the shower. I realized that he was the only male to have seen me naked in the past two months. Then he started scratching the door for me to let him out. FML

For about 30 minutes this morning:

I thought my computer had some kind of trojan or something BUT I HAVE A MAC. Nope, Google was just broken.

You couldn’t click through to anything.

The Hype Machine
There has been so much traffic from Hypem in the past 12 hours that I am a little scared about my bandwidth usage. It’s cool though because people have been staying and reading past posts. Hypem is a great way to find new music, I really don’t use it enough. You can also sync your listening on your Hype Machine account to your last.fm account. So web 2.0!

It’s funny that there are iTunes & Amazon links to buy Vex, because I am 100% certain you can’t. That’s okay though, because I am joyous to share Vex with the world, even though I lost the auction for the album yesterday.

Hi Hype Machine visitors!

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And makes me want to go back to doing internet work….


I think it was Steve who was telling me about their crazy ass penthouse office? Looks nuts.

Since actually regularly updating this blog, several friends have asked how to use RSS feeds, rather than bookmarks. I saw this link from Google, a tutorial video on how to use Google Reader.

I’ve attempted to explain how to subscribe to my feed, perhaps this will do it better than me.

Here you go, folks:

Google reader is my RSS aggregator of choice and you can share items with friends on your Google Chat list. There is also a javascript bookmark they provide for you to drag on to your bookmarks toolbar (I can’t find a how-to right now).

If you use Firefox, there is a wonderful add-on I have installed that alerts you of unread feeds on your status bar.

I think it’s time for me to introduce my blog reading machine of a mother to the wonderful world of RSS feeds.

With Netflix’s Instant Watch feature out for Macs (finally!), I’ve been getting separation anxiety from my macbook. It’s pretty awesome! I’ve been on an Old Downtown NYC kick.

Click on the screenshot of Peter Murphy to see what my friend Brent simultaneously sent me.