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This past spring I got asked to do a Truants mix! It came out late August with a nice little candid interview and background about me. This is probably the most up to date mix of mine showcasing a taste of my live sets recently at the start and cooling off at the end.

I got to talk a bit candid about my year and what exactly FARCED is and has become. Interview could be found here.

More soon!

If this is your first visit to Farced, please skip the next two paragraphs (or just look at the sidebar for links).

Photo by A. Sala.

Hi Farced fans and readers (if you’re still reading?). It’s been 9 years since I decided to start a blog, then did my first podcast of a DJ set at Pianos with a voice intro. That podcast was taken off the site and not included in my 5 year FARCED retrospective of every mixtape & mix being mixed into a single MP3 (remember the days when you could download zip files of my mixes?). The other day while recording a sort of Manifesto for the “[Haitian] Legacy Project” I’ve talked about for YEARS of doing, which has slowly materialized into something more tangible, I fell in love with my voice. I realized my voice had power, I realized that the very thing I had been running away from my whole adult life was in essence the very part of my legacy. Then I remembered 2006 and posting that podcast and not being comfortable with my voice. Funnily enough a few weeks before Farced’s 9th birthday (9/22), I decided I’d finally post that podcast, voice and all.

I suppose getting comfortable with my voice recorded was due in part to covering on the Minimal Wave show on East Village Radio a few years back. I am so grateful for Anastazja when I signed up to do my show on Berlin Community Radio for suggesting I name the show FARCED (I was kind of just looking to do it under something else), because “it IS your brand.” So in effect I’ve been simultaneously tending to what was always subconsciously something I wanted to do: use my voice with music, I guess radio DEEJAY, like my Dad (or podcast since this is the internet). I’ve got so many new ideas for Farced (I’ve had many over the years, but the last 3 years of my life have been chaos, ever hear of Saturn Return?). I’ve talked about a site revamp for like 4 years now, it is going to happen. The Farced mixtapes that people email me asking for copies are finally going to be produced in limited editions and sold at some local stores in NYC (and maybe elsewhere in the U.S. of A & Europe). And podcasts, I will try as much as I can to make this a thing since I find myself recording more voice notes than writing in my journal (and clearly I’ve had an aversion to blogging). This will include so many talented & amazing individuals from all walks of life I am lucky to have in my life. So many ideas, so little energy. I will try my best for everyone that’s been bugging me to not let Farced “die.” She’s still here and is not going anywhere.

Now that I got that out of the way: Here’s what’s been going on.

  • I post sort of regularly to the Farced Facebook and Twitter. There you can see where I will be DeeJaying.
  • I have FARCED 12 shows so far on BCR which you can stream below via the Mixcloud playlist for the show since (their SONYCLOUD Soundcloud got deleted.

“Up Next” shows you all the shows in the playlist. I’d tell you my favorite shows but I’ll leave that up for you to decide (but really the last one (12), 1st, 3rd & 7th are my absolute favorites).

  • I’ve moved almost all of my mixes, mixtapes, DJ sets, etc to Mixcloud before soundcloud bites the dust (though my soundcloud is still up, for now).

  • Giroutte Records asked me to make a mix for them back in March, it’s finally up (it was Take 1 but life got BUSY so…)

  • I finally made a mix of Haitian music, another request by many people I know for years. It’s volume 1 and includes some Zouk from our French Patois sister nations of Guadeloupe & Martinique. It’s mostly synth based. There will be tons more volumes as this will go with my Legacy Project because Haitian music is so versatile and unique. Side note: I’m Haitian-American and Haitian music has been included in a lot of BCR shows and a huge part of my being. I can’t wait to finally make announcements about this project which is ultimately my life purpose. This first volume is entitled WAVE KREYOL. This mix will be posted soon!
  • I’m back home in NYC for a bit, settling my affairs (see sidebar for booking link). Getting rid of most of my coveted records to make way for more of what I am ultimately going to spend all of my time doing. Plus most of them have been in boxes for nearly 3 years now so it’s time to find them new homes. I DJ mostly with USB and laptop now, spent a chunk of time 2 years ago ripping a huge chunk of my vinyl, preparing for my escape to Europe.

That’s really it for now. I leave you with my last BCR show:

Thanks to all the supporters over the years, to anyone that has mentioned & appreciated this neglected corner of the internet, much more is coming!

I toyed with changing the name of the mix to just Whiplash, taking a note from the Post-Concussion Mix of 2010, due to this past weekend’s events leading to whiplash & insurmountable pain. Not to mention, the lovely cover by Colette Saint Yves mimics whiplash & reminds me of a doll I have named Princess Death, named after you guessed it: Death from The Seventh Seal. Cover replaced on 3/16/13.

Now on to the Smelt mix!

Side A:

  1. Bene Gesserit – Kull Wahad
  2. Further Reductions – Void of Course (Demo)
  3. Freez-E-Style  – Slo Motion
  4. Traversable Wormhole – Closed Time Like Curve
  5. Age Coin – B.1
  6. Rrose – Shepherd’s Brine
  7. Entro Senestre – SB Dauntless

Side B:

  1. Parade Ground – Moan on the Sly
  2. Geisha – Aavelaiva
  3. Void Vision – A Version
  4. Andi Arroganti – Hom-O-Hetero
  5. Sods – Roller Ball
  6. Figure Study – Divide
  7. Delphic Oracle  – Watching The Fern
  8. Faten Kanaan – The Rises
  9. *secret track

256 kbps; 59:15  Please listen with headphones.

Finished on HalloweenSmelt is a 60 minute mixtape that is quintessentially a MIX, the Farced way.

Side A (first 29 minutes) starting with Bene Gesserit‘s spastic and “spooky” industrial, tape comp-only released gem preceding a hauntingly comforting New Beat sounding Further Reductions demo leading this techno-laden portion into a Marc Trauner sobriquet release. Alongside Traversable Wormhole,  Age Coin’s ticking time bomb, (initially released on cassette via Posh Isolation, soon to be issued on vinyl), Rrose & Entro Senestre who just had a release on L.I.E.SFurther Reductions will have their first LP released soon on Veronica’s Cititrax.

Synth laden Side B includes a wonderful mix of  rarities & more singles from ever inspiring peers. Starting off with a lesser known played, but typically emotional Parade Ground track leading into rare Finnish post-punk by Geisha, contemporary one woman wonder & synth goddess: VOID VISIONAndi Arroganti whose website  reads “This Internet site is exclusive, even so exclusive that it de facto is no internet service'” (note to self), Danish Post-Punk from 1980, demo from buds Figure Study, Christiana’s Delphic Oracle single that I’ve been wholeheartedly obsessed with, and queen of ArabWave herself, Faten Kanaan‘s dreamlike single that is absolute mirth finished off by the underwater world created by Hanjo Erkamp, ex member of Ende Shneafliet.

All in all, there are a lot of unplanned synchronicities in this mix with the lyrics, titles and sampling, as there are in life but I couldn’t be more happier about it.

This past September marked seven years of Farced being in cyberspace. I dabble in thinking of pulling the plug all the time, especially now that it’s been seven years. 7 is a number of completion and frankly the amount of money I spend on webhosting & the srsly.tv domain per year, out of my own pocket with no ads is adding up, considering I don’t post regularly. However, I do get messages, especially lately about my blog & mixes. So Farced will be up, with small updates here and on the F*acebook page. More mixes here.

If my back weren’t fucked, I’d post a photo of me bowing out, but alas, see you on the flipside.

ETA: 11/2017 Limited run tapes can be purchased here.

Decided to make an mp3 post in relation to the current “holiday,” as I did two years ago here. You know they all have that word in the title except for the Kassav‘ song “Rété,” however it is about the subject. Since Cult of Youth‘s Ramones cover was already included on the infamous “Ohne Titel” mix, I’ve included a bonus. Consider this some sort of mini-mix… if you are reading via feed, the tracks won’t show up so here’s a list:

Silver Apples – I Have Known Love
Nightmoves  – You Can Take My Love
Intro – Lost Without Your Love
JYL – Computer Love
Poison Girls – Tender Love
Vienna – Say You Love Me (Tu es Jure)
Djet-X – Love to Love
Abe Vigoda – Dream Of My Love (Chasing After You)
13th Floor Elevators – I’m Gonna Love You Too
Kassav’ – Rété
Trisomie 21 – Love for A Life
Bernard Wright – Who Do You Love
Cult of Youth – Today Your Love, Tomorrow the World
Rhythm and Faith – When the Wind Blows Love Will Die
Death in June – Come Before Christ and Murder Love

This is some sort of update I suppose. This past Sunday, a photo of me taken by my friend Eliz made it into The New York Times Magazine for their cover story entitled “What Is It About 20-Somethings?”. Photos of me are featured in the online gallery and in the printed version. Check the photo that made it to print below:

I’ve neglected my poor little blog that I’ve had for nearly four years now. Almost wanted to pull the plug (again) but this blog has come in handy when DJing. People come up to me asking what particular song is playing and I can usually point them to my blog as most songs queried about have been posted. I should probably start posting DJ setlists but I start and seem to get annoyed by the WordPress UI. As I am barely posting on here, I often post to my twitter page or to the youtube channel, more frequently than here anyway. I know some people check back here for updates only to find the shamefully scant amount of posts for 2010 (can’t believe it’s almost over!). Hypem stopped tracking my blog twice now thanks to the lack of updates. I’ve also setup a photoblog for the ridiculous amount of film that I have scanned in these past months (yes those gazillion rolls I’ve talked about since 2008), which of course I’ve barely posted to. Now that fall is steadily approaching and summer is nearing to an end, I will be indoors more to tend to these things I’ve been neglecting. Also I sent my friend in Portland a mixtape that I am thinking of posting. Planning to make a mixtape to keep for myself and post to the blog.

Will update soon, this past month has been insane to epic proportions, some of which I’d like to forget.

Thanks for all of the emails, will return once things die down and/or summer has passed. See ya!

scan via Jens Rocker

It’s July first, who can believe it. My birthday is approaching, summer is here and the above couldn’t speak more for it. With this I am including 1982’s “We Feel Good (Future’s Looking Fine)” by much forgotten about Endgames (1-ex Berlin Blondes) from their first single release. This song is included in the incomplete “Hello Summer!” and Francesca Tallone mixes I started late May.

P.S. I went through so much trouble (45 minute download) to get a higher quality rip of this song, due to the version someone sent me years ago being 96kbps.