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I toyed with changing the name of the mix to just Whiplash, taking a note from the Post-Concussion Mix of 2010, due to this past weekend’s events leading to whiplash & insurmountable pain. Not to mention, the lovely cover by Colette Saint Yves mimics whiplash & reminds me of a doll I have named Princess Death, named after you guessed it: Death from The Seventh Seal. Cover replaced on 3/16/13.

Now on to the Smelt mix!

Side A:

  1. Bene Gesserit – Kull Wahad
  2. Further Reductions – Void of Course (Demo)
  3. Freez-E-Style  – Slo Motion
  4. Traversable Wormhole – Closed Time Like Curve
  5. Age Coin – B.1
  6. Rrose – Shepherd’s Brine
  7. Entro Senestre – SB Dauntless

Side B:

  1. Parade Ground – Moan on the Sly
  2. Geisha – Aavelaiva
  3. Void Vision – A Version
  4. Andi Arroganti – Hom-O-Hetero
  5. Sods – Roller Ball
  6. Figure Study – Divide
  7. Delphic Oracle  – Watching The Fern
  8. Faten Kanaan – The Rises
  9. *secret track

256 kbps; 59:15  Please listen with headphones.

Finished on HalloweenSmelt is a 60 minute mixtape that is quintessentially a MIX, the Farced way.

Side A (first 29 minutes) starting with Bene Gesserit‘s spastic and “spooky” industrial, tape comp-only released gem preceding a hauntingly comforting New Beat sounding Further Reductions demo leading this techno-laden portion into a Marc Trauner sobriquet release. Alongside Traversable Wormhole,  Age Coin’s ticking time bomb, (initially released on cassette via Posh Isolation, soon to be issued on vinyl), Rrose & Entro Senestre who just had a release on L.I.E.SFurther Reductions will have their first LP released soon on Veronica’s Cititrax.

Synth laden Side B includes a wonderful mix of  rarities & more singles from ever inspiring peers. Starting off with a lesser known played, but typically emotional Parade Ground track leading into rare Finnish post-punk by Geisha, contemporary one woman wonder & synth goddess: VOID VISIONAndi Arroganti whose website  reads “This Internet site is exclusive, even so exclusive that it de facto is no internet service'” (note to self), Danish Post-Punk from 1980, demo from buds Figure Study, Christiana’s Delphic Oracle single that I’ve been wholeheartedly obsessed with, and queen of ArabWave herself, Faten Kanaan‘s dreamlike single that is absolute mirth finished off by the underwater world created by Hanjo Erkamp, ex member of Ende Shneafliet.

All in all, there are a lot of unplanned synchronicities in this mix with the lyrics, titles and sampling, as there are in life but I couldn’t be more happier about it.

This past September marked seven years of Farced being in cyberspace. I dabble in thinking of pulling the plug all the time, especially now that it’s been seven years. 7 is a number of completion and frankly the amount of money I spend on webhosting & the srsly.tv domain per year, out of my own pocket with no ads is adding up, considering I don’t post regularly. However, I do get messages, especially lately about my blog & mixes. So Farced will be up, with small updates here and on the F*acebook page. More mixes here.

If my back weren’t fucked, I’d post a photo of me bowing out, but alas, see you on the flipside.

ETA: 11/2017 Limited run tapes can be purchased here.

Will update soon, this past month has been insane to epic proportions, some of which I’d like to forget.

Thanks for all of the emails, will return once things die down and/or summer has passed. See ya!

Since I HATE UPS and they have made me a prisoner in my own home on this BEAUTIFUL, WARM day, I will finally post the photos of the little incident in January. Said incident added to the list of faux pas my local UPS office and/or driver have committed. Once I saw the LP box, I knew what had happened. The box was BENT, nevermind the HUGE RED “FRAGILE” sticker, no.

Boy was I SEETHING with anger. UPS could not provide apologies more copious than they did. To make matters worse, the girl at Insound sent me the wrong LP as a replacement. Today, I had no choice as my luggage shipping was free and only via the much loathed UPS. As I was typing this up, he came and actually did not leave my package in front of my apartment building to be stolen again! No broken luggage over here, phew.

Shopping for luggage has left me wanting to scream. Who knew it could be so difficult to shop for a durable piece of luggage? Not that I need to let the world know of my travel plans, especially since people I don’t want knowing squat about my going-ons check up on me here. But honestly, all I want is a spinner piece of luggage (with four “spinning wheels”) that won’t fall apart when I get it back from the baggage claim. I’m thankful for the internet in providing customer reviews to warn me of faulty pieces of luggage (even Samsonite produces crud, apparently), but christ this is annoying. Should I buy this 29″ purple stunner even though buyers warn of going over the new 50 pound limit with the valise that you have to PAY to check in DOMESTICALLY anyway? Fuck the world.

Track is from one of my favorite NDW albums from 1981. Die Partei was a project of Walter Dahn and Tom Dokoupil (most notably a member of Die Radierer). “Föhn In Den Bergen” is pretty fun, synthy magic that sounds like you are inside of a video game party a very trippy King Tut’s tomb. Naturally, the “psychedelic electronic wave pop” sounding La Freiheit Des Geistes isn’t cheap. Look for a rip of this album online, look hard. So worth it.

This is my cat, Shaolin after I did not come home for an entire weekend. I am legitimately sure she can kick my ass if she wanted to:

My rad ass cat also licks your face with her demon breath, growls and can ninja slink/jump her way out of your arms when she is over it. Her tail is constantly awagging (i just made that up) and she loves to play fetch. Sometimes though she will give me the paw to my face, when she is over being smothered with love. When I had my backyard in Brooklyn, she would slink under the fences to go over to the next yards and explore. This ensured much panic from me considering there were FOUR huge dogs from next door that could come out at any given moment. Shaolin wasn’t scared, oh no, not my little feral Bushwick street thug. Where do you think the name Shaolin given by the feral rescue keepers came from? She would attack the dogs through the fence while GROWLING at them, minding you that their snouts were bigger than her face. She just doesn’t give a fuck. Since she has been harassing my other cat, Misty who is a BIG momma, hardcore lately she is currently sitting in jail. Biting the ass of your elder cat “sister” is not conducive to house cat behavior. Especially when that behavior leads to me stepping in cat poop! Sigh! This does not detract from the awesomeness that is Shaolin, the rager with many fans. She’s just driving me nuts lately. Can someone direct me to a cat whisperer please?

This post inspired by Four Four‘s one of many posts about his crankbot of a cat. And with that I include Scottish band Scrotum Poles‘ track “Pick the Cat’s Eyes Out” from their 1980 Revelation EP. No worries, this certified cat lady would never harm any cats.

Scrotum Poles video awesomeness:

Someone find me a cat whisperer stat!

This New School student occupation just reminds me of the French uprisings in May 1968. I mean the New School students WERE reading “On the Poverty of Student Life” for chrissakes.

Why am I even writing about this? I felt the need to point out the obvious, possibly pre-arranged similarities, awoke with the Karma Sutra song included in this post in my head, know one if not two of the fellows who got arrested, and honestly have abandoned my poor little blog. But I mean really now, is it any surprise that I find this such a radical thing?

I need copies of Raoul Vaneigem’s The Book of Pleasures (out of print) and The Revolution of Everyday Life:

People who talk about revolution and class struggle without referring explicitly to everyday life, without understanding what is subversive about love and what is positive in the refusal of constraints, such people have corpses in their mouths.

Yes, every day I feel like I am 18 again this year, further with all the recession induced Situationist re-reading. Though I feel like I have a better grasp of Situationist theory than I did then. Guy Debord has recently been recognized as a “National Treasure” in France, in an effort to prevent Yale from acquiring all of his personal archives. A quote from Brecht would be all too fitting regarding Debord’s resurgence in popularity, but I will spare you.

I made a new friend last night at my favorite watering hole via our matching Amebix shirts, ahh the small things in life. The best part is that his blog is named No Gods, No Vegetables. Yes, I listen to Anarcho/Peace Punk & Crust and eat meat, deal! Jack and I made an agreement, I will hook him up with all the Anarcho mp3s his heart desires and he will try to get me into nu-metal. Amebix’s “University Challenged” is mildly fitting for this post, I posted it here. I am also including the track “Alienation” by Crisis (pre Death In June/Theatre of Hate), since they used artwork from the May 1968 posters.

More on the New School Occupation: The New School In Exile & New School Occupied.

Photos from May 1968 in Paris here.

Not to detract from the musical magic here, you can see the video of the NYPD “not using force” here.

I am back sorta. Just felt the need to make this obligatory post considering that people have been asking me when I will update.  Folks have also been giving lots of praise and there have been more hits however things have been insane lately. Thus leaving me with little time to sit down and actually “blog.” After nearly 5 months of being unemployed and being in my current sitch… there has been a lot of going out. It’s been sort of great because probably about 60% of people I associate with have recently been laid off and though that is somewhat terrifying, its good to know that I am not alone in feeling totally complacent and helpless.

I am making moves though, that involve my brain not dwindling and my “IQ” not plummeting below what it was when I got tested at 16. I can’t believe I just mentioned that, but this is crucial to me trying to remember that at a point in time I was indeed a person with more erudite interests.  Who believes in that IQ poppycock anyway? It’s true what they say, if you don’t use it, you lose it. I may have lost it.

There hasn’t been anything too good on rotation, mostly booty bass from the 90’s, quintessential 80’s jams, and horrible pop. I blame Karaoke on Wednesday night partly. Naturally, this leaves me with no desire to post any music as it’s all been borderline embarrassing.

It’s a strange time to be in (I like to refer to it as the post-traumatic world), and all I can do is enjoy it with my fellow mostly “funemployed” friends and enjoy life. I am very lucky to be surrounded with amazing human beings during this uncertain period in history. They’re not kidding when they say that people drink more during the recession.

Image from Best Recession Ever via Alex.