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This is some sort of update I suppose. This past Sunday, a photo of me taken by my friend Eliz made it into The New York Times Magazine for their cover story entitled “What Is It About 20-Somethings?”. Photos of me are featured in the online gallery and in the printed version. Check the photo that made it to print below:

I’ve neglected my poor little blog that I’ve had for nearly four years now. Almost wanted to pull the plug (again) but this blog has come in handy when DJing. People come up to me asking what particular song is playing and I can usually point them to my blog as most songs queried about have been posted. I should probably start posting DJ setlists but I start and seem to get annoyed by the WordPress UI. As I am barely posting on here, I often post to my twitter page or to the youtube channel, more frequently than here anyway. I know some people check back here for updates only to find the shamefully scant amount of posts for 2010 (can’t believe it’s almost over!). Hypem stopped tracking my blog twice now thanks to the lack of updates. I’ve also setup a photoblog for the ridiculous amount of film that I have scanned in these past months (yes those gazillion rolls I’ve talked about since 2008), which of course I’ve barely posted to. Now that fall is steadily approaching and summer is nearing to an end, I will be indoors more to tend to these things I’ve been neglecting. Also I sent my friend in Portland a mixtape that I am thinking of posting. Planning to make a mixtape to keep for myself and post to the blog.

Many of my friends only know the English version of Peter Schilling’s “Major Tom (Völlig losgelöst).” I never even heard said version which was an international hit until far after I had fallen in love with the original version in Deutsch. The English version just sounds so off, but I guess for some kids they grew up on it.

Back when myspace was still relevant in the world of social networking, I made a music profile for the song since the only other profiles up had the English version (my first exposure to it) to put it on my profile (yes, yes I did). I recall some woman sending me messages being excited at the potential of the profile really being Peter Schilling. I am kind of shocked that people don’t know that it’s a retelling of “Space Oddity,” which makes me feel like some nerd when they don’t believe me. In any case, it was also included in my Contempt mix and originally put on a mix for me by Luke, many moons ago.

More regular posting again soon, maybe. Or just an indefinite hiatus, life has been too busy (shocking for being unemployed right?) Contrary to popular assumption, I don’t sit on my ass all day. But I do want to post about the Throbbing Gristle show and my current obsession with German Darkwave (X-mal Deutschland!). For now you can follow the Farced twitter.

Enjoy the track, it’s the only one on hypem that is the German version. I try to avoid posting tracks that have been posted to The Hype Machine before (unless they are no longer available for download).

Happy Cinco de Mayo!

I have so much more love for RuPaul now that I know she used to play No-Wave/Synth-punk type of music in the early 80’s.

Thank god for Sheal. Good g-d I wish I could find the MP3’s for this, as you see she was selling RECORDS at the CBGB show in the last video. Can someone please, please, please make my internet dreams come true and rip this from vinyl? Anyone out there?

I will start posting regularly again, once life settles down. I may be unemployed and broke but I am having so much fun, thanks to amazing friends.

Bummed that the auction on the box of vintage Maxell Audio Tapes pictured above sold for $67 including shipping on eBay. I only buy Maxell CD-Rs for mix CDs, was planning to make some mix tapes for friends sent via snail mail. Coincidentally that same day Luke was looking on eBay for Maxell audio cassettes because I “harangued him” about making me a mixtape. Apparently Maxell can’t be bought in Australia, which I find weird. Looks like modern day Maxell audio cassettes will have to do which will benefit the recipients, forcing me to be more creative with the covers.

Why do I exclusively use Maxell? See below:

“Well, that ad was originally made in England in 1982, and I was the character in the ad. That won all sorts of awards, blah, blah, blah. It was so successful, Maxell wanted to do it worldwide, but they wanted a “mid-Atlantic”-sort of person for it. Because I looked completely unusual [chuckles]. “

Oh yeah, I am looking for the original UK Maxell ads featuring Peter Murphy, holler at me if you can lead me to some! Unlike eye roll inducing Joy Division, I almost never hear Bauhaus playing whilst out.

Since last week I have had this running joke about my upcoming “art project” named “White People Dancing.”

This boy personifies it:

From a 1989 Barbie “Dance Club” VHS with “The Barbie” dance created by Paula Abdul during her heyday. I miss when life was as simple as playing with my Barbies and making them make out with Ken.

You too can have the 20 year old Dance Club Barbie, for $39.95.

and may never end. I have an obsessive nature, always have. My poor mother was nearly driven nuts about whatever I was absolutely consumed with as soon as I was able to speak. Currently I am obsessed with the Tanlines song “Bejan.” No, really I think I need to find a better word having had 58 plays since Saturday. You better believe it is playing right now in my headphones, on repeat.


I don’t know if it is because I saw them play “Friday night,” hence the crappy photo above due to my inability to stand still or see with all of the smoke. It may be the reminder of Zouk & Kompa from the late 80’s to early 90’s or that one member of Prof. Murder is one half of the band. I have also been listening to some Kassav’ jams along with this track.

You can get their New Flowers 12″ here (US) or here (UK) with artwork by my talented friend Steve. No worries, “Bejan” is coming soon on vinyl! (!!!)

I finally got the go ahead to link the MP3, which can be found here since it is impossible for me to hotlink (I am anti-hotlinking anyway) and I can’t upload the file. Do like me and blast it on repeat while having mini seizures and fantasizing about being on a beach in Martinique, temporarily forgetting what a recession is. I can safely say that five years from now I will rediscover this song and smile from the memories of this period that it will bring (before shortly remembering the R word).

UPDATE: Tanlines plays at Zebulon with Hex Message on Friday, February 27, and it’s free!

I am somewhat obsessed with this song, less than I am currently obsessed with Tanlines but more on that later. You see, Italian singer Dalida is was like the Diana Ross (Cher?) of France, in my head anyway. I always tend to adore the gay icons (Streisand, Ross, Grace Jones, et al.) so I will try to keep this post minimal lest I bomb it with videos of the diva that is Dalida. Uhh, I hate the word Diva, I really do but to watch Dalida perform is somewhat entrancing. Too bad she killed herself in 1987 via barbiturates leaving a note that read “Life has become unbearable… Forgive me” which I have always been taken by (three of her lovers had committed suicide before her). Some people may know the Cairo born singer from her duet with Alain Delon for their French cover of “Parole Parole.”

Watch it in HQ and note how she is NOT lip syncing.

ETA 11/2013: Full clip here.

Though this is not the Dalida I grew up with, this synth-tinged single is pretty rad, being less annoying than her disco hits and barring the emotional intensity of songs prior. Le Petit Antoine is featured on the track talking about how much he adores the much older singer, over I guess you could say the internet circa 1982. Anyway, this is just an excuse for me to post Dalida videos while being completely awe stricken by the late chanteuse, as I am sure no one else cares. I must quit while I am ahead or else I may spend too much time watching more of her videos instead of finally watching Something Wild or putting my laundry away which I am currently sitting on.

More Dalida & Antoine with the ridiculous headset:

Look at Dalida move!

I wonder who currently has hold of her wardrobe, if at all. It may be time to give a name to the gay man that is inside of me. (Edit 10/2015: his name is Maurice).