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I toyed with changing the name of the mix to just Whiplash, taking a note from the Post-Concussion Mix of 2010, due to this past weekend’s events leading to whiplash & insurmountable pain. Not to mention, the lovely cover by Colette Saint Yves mimics whiplash & reminds me of a doll I have named Princess Death, named after you guessed it: Death from The Seventh Seal. Cover replaced on 3/16/13.

Now on to the Smelt mix!

Side A:

  1. Bene Gesserit – Kull Wahad
  2. Further Reductions – Void of Course (Demo)
  3. Freez-E-Style  – Slo Motion
  4. Traversable Wormhole – Closed Time Like Curve
  5. Age Coin – B.1
  6. Rrose – Shepherd’s Brine
  7. Entro Senestre – SB Dauntless

Side B:

  1. Parade Ground – Moan on the Sly
  2. Geisha – Aavelaiva
  3. Void Vision – A Version
  4. Andi Arroganti – Hom-O-Hetero
  5. Sods – Roller Ball
  6. Figure Study – Divide
  7. Delphic Oracle  – Watching The Fern
  8. Faten Kanaan – The Rises
  9. *secret track

256 kbps; 59:15  Please listen with headphones.

Finished on HalloweenSmelt is a 60 minute mixtape that is quintessentially a MIX, the Farced way.

Side A (first 29 minutes) starting with Bene Gesserit‘s spastic and “spooky” industrial, tape comp-only released gem preceding a hauntingly comforting New Beat sounding Further Reductions demo leading this techno-laden portion into a Marc Trauner sobriquet release. Alongside Traversable Wormhole,  Age Coin’s ticking time bomb, (initially released on cassette via Posh Isolation, soon to be issued on vinyl), Rrose & Entro Senestre who just had a release on L.I.E.SFurther Reductions will have their first LP released soon on Veronica’s Cititrax.

Synth laden Side B includes a wonderful mix of  rarities & more singles from ever inspiring peers. Starting off with a lesser known played, but typically emotional Parade Ground track leading into rare Finnish post-punk by Geisha, contemporary one woman wonder & synth goddess: VOID VISIONAndi Arroganti whose website  reads “This Internet site is exclusive, even so exclusive that it de facto is no internet service'” (note to self), Danish Post-Punk from 1980, demo from buds Figure Study, Christiana’s Delphic Oracle single that I’ve been wholeheartedly obsessed with, and queen of ArabWave herself, Faten Kanaan‘s dreamlike single that is absolute mirth finished off by the underwater world created by Hanjo Erkamp, ex member of Ende Shneafliet.

All in all, there are a lot of unplanned synchronicities in this mix with the lyrics, titles and sampling, as there are in life but I couldn’t be more happier about it.

This past September marked seven years of Farced being in cyberspace. I dabble in thinking of pulling the plug all the time, especially now that it’s been seven years. 7 is a number of completion and frankly the amount of money I spend on webhosting & the srsly.tv domain per year, out of my own pocket with no ads is adding up, considering I don’t post regularly. However, I do get messages, especially lately about my blog & mixes. So Farced will be up, with small updates here and on the F*acebook page. More mixes here.

If my back weren’t fucked, I’d post a photo of me bowing out, but alas, see you on the flipside.

ETA: 11/2017 Limited run tapes can be purchased here.

It seems that there is an unconfirmed rumor circulating around the internet that Poly Styrene, also known as Marianne Joan Elliot-Said has passed away due to the cancer she was recently diagnosed with. ETA: I figured once it was morning time in London, if this news was indeed true, it would be confirmed. This got me revisiting some of her post X-Ray Spex career releases. I’ve always been a fan of the cover of  the Translucence LP (pictured above) from 1980 which sparked her solo career. I’ve still never managed to snag it for cheap enough to have it framed.

Listened to “Big Boy Toy” quite a bit tonight from her 1986 12″ Gods And Goddesses EP. Starting off tersely with what you would expect from someone involved with the Hare Krishna movement three years prior, it quickly turns into a synth-tinged post punk ditty with the silly refrain of “so unnecessary to  impress your secretary.” “Big Boy Toy” is included with this post along with “Trick of the Witch” from the same EP. 1980’s tropical “Talk in Toytown” has been uploaded to the Farced youTube channel as well.

Rest in Paradise Marianne.

Today, I am obsessed with this 1981 7″ release by The Climb (before they transitioned to the less than stellar Trashing Doves). “I Can’t Forget” was also released as a 12″ with an extended version of the song, clocking in over six minutes.  Some greedy soul currently has the 12″ release  listed for $700, luckily my 7″ cost me less than $20. “Only a Human,” the B-side of the 7″ single has some haunting similarities to some other acts of the era that I won’t mention, but stands out on its own. I’m including all three tracks with this post.

Two sundays ago, I guest DJ’ed with my buddy Jacob Gorchov on East Village Radio’s Minimal Wave show. It was a dancier show and we had a blast in the booth (hence why you can’t hear us with the booth volume so loud). I’m including the mp3s with this post of the 19 songs I played. Please note that “Decidedly So” by Further Reductions was indeed played and can be heard in the stream, I just missed logging it in with the booth being a bit crowded. You can buy their “Decidedly So/Not Unknown” 7″ here from Captured Tracks or buy it at Heaven Street Records in Brooklyn, like I did.  If you are reading this via feed, you’ll have to read this post on the site in order to download all 19 songs listed below.

EVR: Minimal Wave, November 14th 2010

Anti-Matter – Digital Dance
Intro – Lost Without Your Love
Nightmoves – Beat This
Scorpion Violente – Viol et Revanche
EMAK – Tanz in den himmel
Move – Casa Domani
Further Reductions – Decidedly So
Parade Ground – Action Replay (I’ve listened to this song nearly every day since January)
Silvia – Wintergarten
Boytronic – Recycled
Bergtraum – Almenrausch
Das Kabinette – Fudge It
Xmal Deutschland – Blut ist Liebe
DEO – Exakt Neutral
Starter – Plastic
W.A.T. – Wax
Janitors Animated – Need To Go High
Flowers by Throe – Give Us
Asylum Party – Play Alone

You can find the full playlist here and stream the show here.

ETA: 5/27/16: Uploaded to soundcloud below because old EVR site is DEAD.

There are 70 billion people out there. Where are they hiding?

This post was meant to be posted in September but alas, no time can render starting posts useless… until now.

Cabaret Voltaire goes without explanation, I recurrently get obsessed with their “ethno-techno” single “Yashar” from 1982, released on Factory Records. There are several versions of “Yashar,” I’ve included my favorite with this post.  Lately I’ve been listening quite a lot to “Haiti” (my Motherland, go figure) off of The Crackdown, expect that track to be added to this post later.

Their ever engrossing track “Split Second Feeling” from 1981’s Red Mecca can be found on the Paramnesia mix from 2008.

My friends live behind an abandoned building which apparently had the chest above full of lost photos from it’s previous inhabitants. I have no idea where I put the batch of photos I collected but it reminded me of the Eyeless in Gaza album I started listening to obsessively the day I unpreparedly left to Minneapolis. Thanks to Stevie, I have mp3s of almost all of the Eyeless in Gaza albums save for Pale Hands I Loved So Well. The evocative “Others” and idiosyncratic “Fixation” are from their first album, 1981’s Photographs as Memories, my favorite album thus far.

Found photos to come as soon as I find them, being something of an anonymous visual anectdote. My favorite is the recurring woman’s goth phase in the early ’90’s.

On repeat a lot lately is a track from the first solo [vinyl] release by Alexander Von Borsig (currently active as Alexander Hacke) of Einstürzende Neubauten fame. Relaxed but dancy “Japanisch” from his 1982 Hiroshima 12″ EP is totally not expectant of someone in Neubauten. Quite a treat and one of my new favorite tracks that will likely make way to the mixtape[s] I will be working on this week. I just added some rips of the sole release of his band Sentimentale Jugend (Sentimental Youth) with his infamous ex-girlfriend Christiane F. to my computer. Naturally their very industrial sounding cassette release Borsig Werke from 1981 is going for 100 Euros on discogs.  “Hiroshima” on Borsig’s release first appeared on said tape release in 1981, roughly two minutes shorter and much more “rough.”