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Made a quick 60 minute mixtape this weekend, finally done mixing both sides. Officially last mix for 2013. Enjoy!

Featuring The Harrow, Shadowlust, Sleep Museum, Testcard F, Störung, Alive She Died, early Skinny Puppy to name a few.

Track list soon. Email me for dubs. Happy holidays!

I toyed with changing the name of the mix to just Whiplash, taking a note from the Post-Concussion Mix of 2010, due to this past weekend’s events leading to whiplash & insurmountable pain. Not to mention, the lovely cover by Colette Saint Yves mimics whiplash & reminds me of a doll I have named Princess Death, named after you guessed it: Death from The Seventh Seal. Cover replaced on 3/16/13.

Now on to the Smelt mix!

Side A:

  1. Bene Gesserit – Kull Wahad
  2. Further Reductions – Void of Course (Demo)
  3. Freez-E-Style  – Slo Motion
  4. Traversable Wormhole – Closed Time Like Curve
  5. Age Coin – B.1
  6. Rrose – Shepherd’s Brine
  7. Entro Senestre – SB Dauntless

Side B:

  1. Parade Ground – Moan on the Sly
  2. Geisha – Aavelaiva
  3. Void Vision – A Version
  4. Andi Arroganti – Hom-O-Hetero
  5. Sods – Roller Ball
  6. Figure Study – Divide
  7. Delphic Oracle  – Watching The Fern
  8. Faten Kanaan – The Rises
  9. *secret track

256 kbps; 59:15  Please listen with headphones.

Finished on HalloweenSmelt is a 60 minute mixtape that is quintessentially a MIX, the Farced way.

Side A (first 29 minutes) starting with Bene Gesserit‘s spastic and “spooky” industrial, tape comp-only released gem preceding a hauntingly comforting New Beat sounding Further Reductions demo leading this techno-laden portion into a Marc Trauner sobriquet release. Alongside Traversable Wormhole,  Age Coin’s ticking time bomb, (initially released on cassette via Posh Isolation, soon to be issued on vinyl), Rrose & Entro Senestre who just had a release on L.I.E.SFurther Reductions will have their first LP released soon on Veronica’s Cititrax.

Synth laden Side B includes a wonderful mix of  rarities & more singles from ever inspiring peers. Starting off with a lesser known played, but typically emotional Parade Ground track leading into rare Finnish post-punk by Geisha, contemporary one woman wonder & synth goddess: VOID VISIONAndi Arroganti whose website  reads “This Internet site is exclusive, even so exclusive that it de facto is no internet service'” (note to self), Danish Post-Punk from 1980, demo from buds Figure Study, Christiana’s Delphic Oracle single that I’ve been wholeheartedly obsessed with, and queen of ArabWave herself, Faten Kanaan‘s dreamlike single that is absolute mirth finished off by the underwater world created by Hanjo Erkamp, ex member of Ende Shneafliet.

All in all, there are a lot of unplanned synchronicities in this mix with the lyrics, titles and sampling, as there are in life but I couldn’t be more happier about it.

This past September marked seven years of Farced being in cyberspace. I dabble in thinking of pulling the plug all the time, especially now that it’s been seven years. 7 is a number of completion and frankly the amount of money I spend on webhosting & the srsly.tv domain per year, out of my own pocket with no ads is adding up, considering I don’t post regularly. However, I do get messages, especially lately about my blog & mixes. So Farced will be up, with small updates here and on the F*acebook page. More mixes here.

If my back weren’t fucked, I’d post a photo of me bowing out, but alas, see you on the flipside.

ETA: 11/2017 Limited run tapes can be purchased here.

Five years ago today, I made my first Farced blog post after installing wordpress onto srsly.tv. Thinking of things in five year increments is in part a bummer, perhaps due to the fact that it flies so fast! Leading to the inevitable thought of “what have I done in the past FIVE years?!” But this isn’t about me, it’s about this dear little blog that I have held on to for a lustrum. In celebration of this event, I planned to post the mixtape I sent Brent for his birthday on Monday. Despite it being only three days, I was really hoping for him to receive it today so I could officially post the mix to the blog. So dear readers you will have to wait for the official post, however I am including the soundcloud upload of it. So far I’ve gotten a lot of praise for this mix which is a relief because I was not happy with the initial live-mixed recording of this mp3. After five days of listening to it non stop, that has passed. And who cares, really? It is after all, a mixtape live-mixed for one person in mind. Tracklist (as repeatedly requested this week) and full posting to come upon receipt of the mixtape.

Melting Close Mixtape by Sybil Jason

Also in quinquennial commemoration of Farced, I plan to live-mix every single Farced mix I have posted into mp3s, as I have promised for years now. The first being the ever popular Ohne Titel mix. It’ll be quite the project but I feel that this is the next phase of things.

In typical Farced fashion, I have included the track “Five Years Life” by Aus Decline as featured on the tirelessly fantastic 1983 Italian minimal compilation First Relation.

Happy Birthday Farced!

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photo copyright Sybil Jason, 2007

p.s. I made a tumblr scrapbook of various 35mm photos I’ve taken in the past five years. more posts to come to that as soon as I have time to scan the dillion rolls I have.

My love affair with Boytronic started when my best friend Diana put them on a mix for me back when I was not even of age to drink. For the longest time “You” was my favorite track, making its way to the Ohne Titel mix from last year. This week I dug out my copy of “Bryllyant” in preparation for Katie Rose & I’s monthly night, Pleasure Discipline tomorrow, thus starting this week long Boytronic mania. For the past two days I’ve woken up with sexy sax filled “(I Want To Live) In Harmony” off of 1983’s The Working Model in my head which is far from a complaint. The days prior it was their later (1985) “Late Night Satellite” on steady rotation on my turntable and in my head. I couldn’t believe that “(I Want To Live) In Harmony” hadn’t been uploaded to youtube so I took the liberty of adding it to Farced’s youtube channel. I am including it with this post along with “Recycled” as previously posted here.

If you’re in NYC, come out to Daddy’s tomorrow night for Pleasure Discipline! I’ve dug out some goodies in preparation for the “post-rapture” madness.

Just a quick update to let my readers know that I am DJing Wierd tonight, Wednesday, May 4th at Home Sweet Home for the special return of Wierd Records’ own Automelodi of Montreal.

10pm – 4am
WIERD @ Home Sweet Home
131 Chrystie St. @ Delancey, NYC
Info: (212) 226-5708

“Baundarie Jazz” as heard in the video above was included in the Doubt to Nothing mixtape from last summer.

Hope to see some familiar faces for some dancing and Automelodi’s set after midnight! Gonna work in some Chrome for Xavier. Come say hi if you’re in NYC!

It seems that there is an unconfirmed rumor circulating around the internet that Poly Styrene, also known as Marianne Joan Elliot-Said has passed away due to the cancer she was recently diagnosed with. ETA: I figured once it was morning time in London, if this news was indeed true, it would be confirmed. This got me revisiting some of her post X-Ray Spex career releases. I’ve always been a fan of the cover of  the Translucence LP (pictured above) from 1980 which sparked her solo career. I’ve still never managed to snag it for cheap enough to have it framed.

Listened to “Big Boy Toy” quite a bit tonight from her 1986 12″ Gods And Goddesses EP. Starting off tersely with what you would expect from someone involved with the Hare Krishna movement three years prior, it quickly turns into a synth-tinged post punk ditty with the silly refrain of “so unnecessary to  impress your secretary.” “Big Boy Toy” is included with this post along with “Trick of the Witch” from the same EP. 1980’s tropical “Talk in Toytown” has been uploaded to the Farced youTube channel as well.

Rest in Paradise Marianne.

This Sunday, March 27th I will be filling in for Veronica Vasicka on the Minimal Wave show on East Village Radio with guests Streetwalker (Elon Katz and Beau Wanzer) in town from Chicago. I am also filling in for the following two Sundays: April 3rd and April 10th, so please tune in at 6PM for the Farced takeover(s).

I never made a post with the full playlist for the Minimal Wave show I covered alone at East Village Radio during that crazy blizzard on December 26, 2010. I was running late due to all the trains running snow so you gotta skip through past Severed Heads after the guy announces that I am running late. The computer for updating the playlist froze about an hour into it so I luckily jotted down the rest.

ETA 10/14/15: Soundcloud & Mixcloud streams of show below: 

Nuit Des Stars – Plan Actuel
Factual – For The Song
Bazooka – Alive
Moderne – Dilemma
Ultimatum – Countdown
Near Paris – Believe Me
Vienna – Rendez-Vous sur La Mer Noire (7″ version, I have to rip the 12″ instrumental of this)
Further Reductions – Not Unknown
Die Dominas – Die Wespendomina
Neud Photo – Semiotics
EUC – Shattered Glass
Trisomie 21 – Moving By You
Light Asylum – Skull Fuct
Automelodi – Schéma Corporel
Fad Gadget – Love Parasite
Mito – Droid
JYL – Computer Generation
Carol – So Low
Deutscher Kaiser – Danse

undocumented tracks below:

1. Futurologischer Congress – Rena
Die Partei – Föhn In Den Bergen
Ti-Tho – Die Liebe ist ein Abenteuer
Vox Populi! – Avaze Djodayi
Michelle Vernon – Y’a Pas De Mystère Dans L’air
Paul Nova – Famous Boys
Aaah…! – Slip Away
Corps Diplomatique – Les Métamorphoses
Jo Lemaire & Flouze – Je Suis Venir Te Dire Que Je M’En Vais
Chris & Cosey – October (Love Song) ’86 version

I’ve included the elusive & mysterious Paul Nova’s “Famous Boys” from his solo career (he was one half of the duo Bizarre Unit). The video below for his song “You Could Be Good” was uploaded to the Farced youTube channel, several months ago. Both songs are from his 1984 LP Trees Without Leaves. The whole Paul Nova discography is superb and usually fetches some pretty foreign currencies on eBay & discogs. Also included with this post (for those of you reading via feed) Michelle Vernon‘s track from 1990 which reminds me of music of that time from my childhood in Haiti…

Last but not least, I’m including my boys EUC‘s track “Shattered Glass” from their Prey EP which just got released on cassette by Permanent Records in Chicago. You can buy it here. I’ve been meaning to make a post for EUC but have been so busy… hopefully a full post and some announcements soon. Photo below is how 1st Avenue looked at 8pm once the show was over, I ended up stranded in Manhattan.

You can download tracks from the first Minimal Wave show I did with Jacob Gorchov on November 14, 2010 here. Tune in Sunday or come visit!

P.S. Installed Facebook, Twitter & Google Buzz share buttons to spread the word. Farced.net and farced.org direct to here now. Happy Friday and thanks so much for reading and subscribing.