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I have created a Twitter for dear old Farced, because sometimes I can’t just blog about one video or link. I have also exhausted my personal twitter and facebook with links (amongst other things) at the expense of looking crazy. Though one friend did inform me that I was his favorite twitterer, adding “fuq shaq.”

Jack Crank whom I mentioned in the last post, called my blog “the new jumpoff,” which effortlessly made my night. I have been waiting so long for some records from the UK, that one seller even sent me HER copy of the Hit Parade record she sold me. This is making me nervous that someone in the USPS is stealing my mail. If this paranoid thinking is indeed true, I am fucked as Anthrax sent me one of the shirts they are printing. The shirts are incorporating the cover of the retrospective cd they put out (and again, they thanked me on) which are both on sale on their site.

Here was my Easter weekend “on the go” iPod playlist which really just resulted in me playing the first on repeat probably 24 times:

Epileptics – 1970’s Have Been Made in Hong Kong
Legion of Parasites – Eroded Freedom
Antisect – The World’s Biggest Runt
Vivian Girls – Telepathic Love
Karma Sutra – It’s Our World Too
Lost Cherrees – Why Does It Have To Be A Dream?
Lost Cherrees – Real Crimes
Sleeping Dogs – (I Got My Tan In) El Salvador
The Mob – Never Understood

It was that kind of family strife filled weekend. Needless to say I spent my first Easter with my friends, saving me from enacting the joke of blasting “The Church is For Sinners” while my mother attended Easter mass. Events of late have got me thinking about this Anthrax poster I have somewhere and have been meaning to photocopy (click to enlarge):

I swear, this year is making me feel more and more like I am 18 again. Except there wasn’t really any thing really resembling anarchy in the streets of NYC then and I am also not playing Crass at The Hole with Frank (hilarious right?).

I became re-obsessed with the first song on this playlist, by the Flux of Pink Indians when they went by the Epileptics in 1979. The drumming is the best part with Penny Rimbaud drumming on this EP, though other sources claim differently, but there were THREE pressings of this EP. Blast it repeatedly, because after all “1970’s Have Been Made in Hong Kong” is barely two minutes long. I am pretty sure that this mp3 is from the 1981 re-recording with Rimbaud, but who would know in the olden days of slsk?



EDIT: The mp3 is fromthe re-recorded 1981 release.

*photo of the Hole above from Epicly Later’d, I can’t believe I went back to look for it.

Bummed that the auction on the box of vintage Maxell Audio Tapes pictured above sold for $67 including shipping on eBay. I only buy Maxell CD-Rs for mix CDs, was planning to make some mix tapes for friends sent via snail mail. Coincidentally that same day Luke was looking on eBay for Maxell audio cassettes because I “harangued him” about making me a mixtape. Apparently Maxell can’t be bought in Australia, which I find weird. Looks like modern day Maxell audio cassettes will have to do which will benefit the recipients, forcing me to be more creative with the covers.

Why do I exclusively use Maxell? See below:

“Well, that ad was originally made in England in 1982, and I was the character in the ad. That won all sorts of awards, blah, blah, blah. It was so successful, Maxell wanted to do it worldwide, but they wanted a “mid-Atlantic”-sort of person for it. Because I looked completely unusual [chuckles]. “

Oh yeah, I am looking for the original UK Maxell ads featuring Peter Murphy, holler at me if you can lead me to some! Unlike eye roll inducing Joy Division, I almost never hear Bauhaus playing whilst out.

After feeling pretty nostalgic, I logged into myspace this morning, falling upon some old “blog” posts. Found this post from a period when I stalked Strand‘s bookshelves probably three times a week. From June 07, 2006:

“This may not be of interest [to] anyone, but me. It’s more of an early morning musing.

A few weeks ago I was raving about how I wanted to have a bookplate printed for my books, bombarding poor Alita with a bunch of links. I found one and I will somehow have several printed out from the below in the future.

Need to clean my scanner. Hopefully I can get some printed on some removeable Avery labels, where can I go? Kinkos?

I tried to commision Shalimar to make one like this for me:


Friday while at strand, I saw one on a shelf, that had apparently fallen out of a book. It was printed on what looked like rice paper, I wanted to take it but with my luck, I’d probably get arrested for ‘shoplifting’ a bookplate.”

One of the many things I became obsessed with doing but never got around to. Now my books are sitting in moving boxes and I haven’t any idea WHERE the bookplate I purchased above even is, completely forgot about it. I spent so much money on books that year but am pleased to have finally bought this several weeks ago. Especially given that my best friend has been obsessed with Nadja, the person, via Breton’s depiction of her since, well forever. Finding this photo has made me want to re-read Cat’s Cradle which will only lead me to want to cite the fictional colloquialisms from the book all the time. I have met maybe two people that I could do this with. My mother sometimes reads three books a week, I however… too much on the brain! It’s amazing how much things differ from three years ago, I blame the internet! I don’t even have a “Books” category, for shame! It’s no wonder Obama told Americans to read with their children during Tuesday’s Congressional Address.

Song is John Cooper Clarke’s “It Man” from his 1980 “spoken-word” album Snap, Crackle & Bop.