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My love affair with Boytronic started when my best friend Diana put them on a mix for me back when I was not even of age to drink. For the longest time “You” was my favorite track, making its way to the Ohne Titel mix from last year. This week I dug out my copy of “Bryllyant” in preparation for Katie Rose & I’s monthly night, Pleasure Discipline tomorrow, thus starting this week long Boytronic mania. For the past two days I’ve woken up with sexy sax filled “(I Want To Live) In Harmony” off of 1983’s The Working Model in my head which is far from a complaint. The days prior it was their later (1985) “Late Night Satellite” on steady rotation on my turntable and in my head. I couldn’t believe that “(I Want To Live) In Harmony” hadn’t been uploaded to youtube so I took the liberty of adding it to Farced’s youtube channel. I am including it with this post along with “Recycled” as previously posted here.

If you’re in NYC, come out to Daddy’s tomorrow night for Pleasure Discipline! I’ve dug out some goodies in preparation for the “post-rapture” madness.

Today, I am obsessed with this 1981 7″ release by The Climb (before they transitioned to the less than stellar Trashing Doves). “I Can’t Forget” was also released as a 12″ with an extended version of the song, clocking in over six minutes.  Some greedy soul currently has the 12″ release  listed for $700, luckily my 7″ cost me less than $20. “Only a Human,” the B-side of the 7″ single has some haunting similarities to some other acts of the era that I won’t mention, but stands out on its own. I’m including all three tracks with this post.

There are 70 billion people out there. Where are they hiding?

This post was meant to be posted in September but alas, no time can render starting posts useless… until now.

Cabaret Voltaire goes without explanation, I recurrently get obsessed with their “ethno-techno” single “Yashar” from 1982, released on Factory Records. There are several versions of “Yashar,” I’ve included my favorite with this post.  Lately I’ve been listening quite a lot to “Haiti” (my Motherland, go figure) off of The Crackdown, expect that track to be added to this post later.

Their ever engrossing track “Split Second Feeling” from 1981’s Red Mecca can be found on the Paramnesia mix from 2008.

In my head for two days now, can’t help but make this quickie post. This Peter Godwin euro(synth)pop wonder (har har) has never affected me much and I almost forgot about this song until Holladay played it on Friday. Somehow it managed to be stuck in my head four days later, as I woke up with “ecoute, mon coeur, qui cra-cra-craque” replaying in my head. Surprisingly enough, I didn’t drive my boss nuts with repeated streaming of this 1983 Belgian single. Can’t help but be reminded of the late goddess Dalida‘s “Kalimba De Luna” from 1984. Also included with this post is the instrumental of this track because as much as the chorus is stuck in my head, Nathalie’s voice gets agitating after a while.

I’ve got some goodies planned for the blog, thanks for the emails, twitter messages and comments. Mixtapes, mp3s & DJ setlists coming soon!

Speaking of DJ sets, I am DJing on Halloween:

Should be fun & foggy. Come out if you are in Brooklyn.

So yesterday I found a YouTube clip of this amazing song, and instantly became obsessed. You see I had tons of tracks from this supreme traditional West African singer from Guinea, but none compare to this magical song. I tried hard last night to find this track with no luck. Thankfully one of my readers from the Netherlands sent it to me, without my asking. Thanks Dirk for making my day!

This is the best biography I found for Kouyaté Sory Kandia (not to be confused with the other Kouyaté Sorys out there or even lady singer Kandia Kouyaté):

Kouyaté Sory Kandia, another member of the famous Kouyate family, was one of the most beloved singers of Western Africa. Like many others, he tried his voice both on more traditional styles, accompanied by his own ngoni, Djéli Sory Kouyaté’s bala and Sidiki Diabaté’s kora, as well as on something more modern-sounding, accompanied by Kélétigui Traoré’s keyboards and saxophone. In 1977, the whole of Western Africa mourned for his death.

That voice, so grande! I mean listen to him, what a voice! I want to listen to this song forever. I wish I could write more about this remarkable chanter but with all of the Kouyates out there and different variations of his name it gets very confusing. In any case, enjoy this track, it’s lengthy and dreamy. I am also including the more upbeat, vaguely psychedelic “Ahissa” by another Kouyate Sory, Guinean guitarist that I found myself obsessed with last summer (and failed to make more than a blog draft). You can download the excellent compilation that “Ahissa” is from here via one of my favorite African music blogs WorldService.

Watched Nite Jewel perform quite a few times in the past two weeks, thanks to my friend Catherine. Ramona and company did a stellar job, especially during their Death By Audio set on Valentine’s Day. What blew me away, once more, was her impassioned cover of Suicide‘s “Shadazz,” finding myself transfixed, with eyes closed in reverie.

This surreal cover is EXCELLENT live, perhaps transcending the original fast-paced ditty from Suicide’s self-titled second album.

I went through some trouble to cut this mp3 from one of the live performances, as this is not officially recorded (Nite Jewel I love you, the world needs this).  I’ve also included the original version of Shadazz from 1980.

22 songs, 1:16:32 total time; 192 kbps

01. Today Your Love, Tomorrow The World – Cult of Youth
02. The Days Arrive – The New Underground Entertainment
03. Suicide Commando – No More
04. Vichy Girls – Martial Canterel
05. You – Boytronic
06. Crème de la crème – Waylon
07. OMFIL – Home Service
08. Pour Mon Bibi – Sentimentale Jugend
09. Anoumam Sandrofia – Bony Pascal & Les Cantadors de la Capitale
10. Zuerst Ich – Silvia
11. Almenrausch – Bergtraum
12. Austauschprogramm – Die Partei
13. Six Days and One – Romeo Void
14. Keeping All the Time – Blank Dogs
15. Die Liebe ist ein Abenteuer – Ti-tho
16. Is Anybody Home? (Part 1) – Trisomie 21
17. Schlaraffenland – Carmen
18. Nite Line (Writer’s Demo) – Michael Jackson
19. Danse – Deutscher Kaiser
20. Exakt Neutral – Deo
21. The Fall – Siglo XX
22. Je Suis Venu Te Dire Que Je M’en Vais – Jo Lemaire & Flouze

Finally, a mix! This is to make up for the lack of mixes in 2009, unless you count this mock mix from nearly a year ago. Replete with mostly German and French jams with Afro, Disco & recent goodies thrown in. Heavy on the synths that will get that body gyrating. I am too tired now to give a breakdown, as much I really would like to get into detail about each track, especially my favorites. As usual I’d love to make this into one big crossfaded mp3 for you guys that like that format, perhaps at a later time.

Download the zip file below, extract, upload to iTunes, sort by track number, make sure crossfading is on and enjoy!

ETA 2014: Zip file removed. Stream via Soundcloud below:

Favored tracks are italicized. Download more mixes here.