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Made a quick 60 minute mixtape this weekend, finally done mixing both sides. Officially last mix for 2013. Enjoy!

Featuring The Harrow, Shadowlust, Sleep Museum, Testcard F, Störung, Alive She Died, early Skinny Puppy to name a few.

Track list soon. Email me for dubs. Happy holidays!

Once again I’ve gone months without updating this dear blog, meanwhile the feed subscription count has gone through the roof! Hello new readers and old! I’m updating today to post about my DJing tonight with Turntable Artist Maria Chavez at The Bedford, starting at 10PM! Come by after all of your Fashion’s Night Out events to dance to some good tunes! There will be drink specials and best of all this event is free!

Details and facebook event here.

More music posts and details about future DJ gigs to come!

It seems that there is an unconfirmed rumor circulating around the internet that Poly Styrene, also known as Marianne Joan Elliot-Said has passed away due to the cancer she was recently diagnosed with. ETA: I figured once it was morning time in London, if this news was indeed true, it would be confirmed. This got me revisiting some of her post X-Ray Spex career releases. I’ve always been a fan of the cover of  the Translucence LP (pictured above) from 1980 which sparked her solo career. I’ve still never managed to snag it for cheap enough to have it framed.

Listened to “Big Boy Toy” quite a bit tonight from her 1986 12″ Gods And Goddesses EP. Starting off tersely with what you would expect from someone involved with the Hare Krishna movement three years prior, it quickly turns into a synth-tinged post punk ditty with the silly refrain of “so unnecessary to  impress your secretary.” “Big Boy Toy” is included with this post along with “Trick of the Witch” from the same EP. 1980’s tropical “Talk in Toytown” has been uploaded to the Farced youTube channel as well.

Rest in Paradise Marianne.

There are 70 billion people out there. Where are they hiding?

This post was meant to be posted in September but alas, no time can render starting posts useless… until now.

Cabaret Voltaire goes without explanation, I recurrently get obsessed with their “ethno-techno” single “Yashar” from 1982, released on Factory Records. There are several versions of “Yashar,” I’ve included my favorite with this post.  Lately I’ve been listening quite a lot to “Haiti” (my Motherland, go figure) off of The Crackdown, expect that track to be added to this post later.

Their ever engrossing track “Split Second Feeling” from 1981’s Red Mecca can be found on the Paramnesia mix from 2008.

In my head for two days now, can’t help but make this quickie post. This Peter Godwin euro(synth)pop wonder (har har) has never affected me much and I almost forgot about this song until Holladay played it on Friday. Somehow it managed to be stuck in my head four days later, as I woke up with “ecoute, mon coeur, qui cra-cra-craque” replaying in my head. Surprisingly enough, I didn’t drive my boss nuts with repeated streaming of this 1983 Belgian single. Can’t help but be reminded of the late goddess Dalida‘s “Kalimba De Luna” from 1984. Also included with this post is the instrumental of this track because as much as the chorus is stuck in my head, Nathalie’s voice gets agitating after a while.

I’ve got some goodies planned for the blog, thanks for the emails, twitter messages and comments. Mixtapes, mp3s & DJ setlists coming soon!

Speaking of DJ sets, I am DJing on Halloween:

Should be fun & foggy. Come out if you are in Brooklyn.

Just wanted to do a quick posting of this 1981 track by Honey Bane, as I wrote extensively about her here, with the inclusion of her Crass Records track “Girl On The Run.”

A total departure from her anarcho-punk sound of prior releases on Crass Records and with Fatal Microbes, “Turn me On Turn Me Off” was her second single release from her [failed] five year contract with EMI. It is also included in my “March 17th” mix from 2007.

Donna performing “Turn Me On Turn Me Off” on Top of The Pops in 1981 (can’t help but post this again):

Fatal Microbes track to come, finally….. maybe.

scan via Jens Rocker

It’s July first, who can believe it. My birthday is approaching, summer is here and the above couldn’t speak more for it. With this I am including 1982’s “We Feel Good (Future’s Looking Fine)” by much forgotten about Endgames (1-ex Berlin Blondes) from their first single release. This song is included in the incomplete “Hello Summer!” and Francesca Tallone mixes I started late May.

P.S. I went through so much trouble (45 minute download) to get a higher quality rip of this song, due to the version someone sent me years ago being 96kbps.