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The Holy Mountain is currently showing at IFC. There is only one viewing daily at 9:55PM of the film in a new 35mm restoration.

I need to go see it as soon as possible! The SVCD copy I had burned has the sound uncallibrated with the images of the film.

According to World Weird Cinema ABCKO Films has been restoring The Holy Mountain & El Topo for a proper DVD release.

On January 19, 2007 the website digitalbits.com announced that on May 01, 2007 Anchor Bay will release a box set that will include “El Topo”, “The Holy Mountain” and “Fando y Lis”. A limited edition of the set will include both the “El Topo” and “The Holy Mountain” soundtracks. And, in early February 2007, Tartan Video announced its May 14, 2007 release date for the UK PAL DVD editions of El Topo, The Holy Mountain and the 6-disc box set which, alongside the aforementioned feature films, will include the 2 soundtrack CDs, as well as separate DVD editions of Jodorowsky’s 1968 debut feature Fando y Lis (with his 1957 short, La Cravate aka Les t�tes interverties, included as an extra) and the 1994 feature-length documentary La Constellation Jodorowsky. Notably, Fando y Lis and La Cravate were extensively digitally restored and remastered in London during late 2006, thus providing the perfect compliment to the quality restoration work undertaken on El Topo and The Holy Mountain in the States by Abkco, and ensuring that the presentation of Fando y Lis is a significant improvement over the 2001 Fantoma DVD edition. Prior to the availability of these legitimate releases, only inferior quality, optically censored bootleg copies of both El Topo and The Holy Mountain have been circulated illegally on the Internet on DVD. [1]

I am delighted, to say the least. I must remember to order it.

Alejandro looks good for his age.

Alejandro Jodorowsky, originally uploaded by closer21.


So the feed to iTunes feed stopped working, figured out why, fixed it and now I signed up for Feedburner.

I’m not too excited about this, but hey if Microsoft & Yahoo let them handle their advertising feeds (Wtf?) then why not?

I’m slightly annoyed to have to go into the source and update the feed links to feedburners so they could be “autodiscovered.”

Also having to redirect requests for the old feed, it’s late & right now = DO NOT WANT, ugh.

I doubt anyone will be clicking any feeds tonight, will do tomorrow.

Man wordpress is annoying sometimes, I will go into that some other day.

But the Nor’easter just started it’s downpour so I think I will have plenty of time tomorrow…err today.

visiting this blog sitting at my friend’s apartment, 10am on an icy St. Patty’s day, I really miss even remotely putting effort into this.

I haven’t had innarnets, really at home and my computer is slowly trickling to death. I want to post a new podcast/mix and probably will do so tonight. Listening to my podcast on site is making me really want to make a new one. I have gotten so much praise for the last, thanks dudes. I just have to go home, put the files on a cd, get back here and go from there.
I will also finally update wordpress (!) and various other nonsense. I will take to updating this as much as I can, if my sanity permits. I should probably start updating my fashion blog since I keep getting emails from people wanting to interview me (???) and quoting my fashion predictory.

I want to put some kind of tagging system, gotta look into that.

is how I feel of late. How contradictory that sounds. All the creative energy I had been around for so long and had been feeding off of is taking its toll on me.

I have a bunch of photo projects brewing in my head to the point of driving me mad because I cannot do them NOW.

Also, the music project that I was supposed to start say a year ago. I think the fact that a very close friend of mine wants me to sing on a few of his tracks that he’s been working on, makes it worse.

{insert random typed characters in frustration here}

Maybe I am just bored with everything, surprise surprise. I feel cliche and like a broken record when I say that the amount of spontaneity in my life is lacking. Right down to my scalp, back to the frizz I shall go! This would be the perfect time for me to do some travelling, to work on said projects. Perhaps a change of scenery would help.

I think my overall dissatisfaction is played in part by an inability to focus on more important things that are beyond my control.

It seems the prevailing theme of my life is restlessness. A few weeks ago, my mother told me of a friend of my grandmother’s that pointed out my walking up and down of my grandmother’s house at the age of two. I believe she nicknamed me Miss Restless, in French. I find this to be a hilarious self-fulfilling prophecy.

The recent course of ridiculous events in my life have left me thoroughly inculcated as to how the hell they happened in the first place.

I think going to a shooting range would make me feel better.


Perhaps much better. But in my head, I imagine it being outdoors, in an open field. How fun does that sound? I grin just thinking about it.

Updated the theme of the site, STILL have not upgraded to WordPress’ latest release. I am still not 100% sastisfied with this theme, tweaked it a bit but wish I could do more with it.

Look at your address bar, finally got around to a favicon. It even works in IE 6. Must start using icons if I will be blogging on the regular, must also change those buttons on the far right, they are soooo Web 1.0.

Still much more to do, much too lazy to ever get down to it. And I keep discovering new social sites to bookmark things, I CAN’T keep up!

SO glad 007 is here though, so glad.

I set up this blog because I wanted a customizable wordpress unlike the one i have on their site, installed super fast. I don’t know how much I will update it, though.

Now I have to just install the webmail on the site, more plugins, a photo gallery application and try to move it over to blog.srsly.tv.